AKG K553 II - replacement for work (glasses - seal issue)

Hi everyone,
I have a pair of AKG k553 which I listen to at work and I’m happy with them except for one issue:
my new glasses break the seal when using them in conjunction with the headphones and for these AKG headphones this means that the bass surfers greatly.
I’m currently thinking about looking for a replacement (closed headphones , over ear and up to ~200$) that are not as “seal dependent”/ more “glasses friendly”. there are a few recommended models in this range (e.g. AKG K361, Meze 99/Neo/Noir , HD280Pro, Fostex T20/50RP ), but I can’t test them and don’t know how “glasses compatible” they are.
I have an SMSL sAp VI amp at work.

any suggestion would be great.

thanks in advance

You could have a look at swapping pads to help with the seal issue. The Brainwavz are thicker both on the outer rim as well as the padding itself so should help with glasses.

thanks, that is an interesting idea , however won’t this alter the sound significantly?

Sure, but so will getting a new set of headphones (alter the sound / sound signature).