Aktive speakers who is the boss

I wanna hear wich aktive speaker sounds better.

Klipsch the sixes vs vanatoos the transparent one encore vs Kanto Tuk

or you could suggest even one that is superior to this above max price 1000$

cheers and thanks in advance

What is the intended application? I love my Adam Audio A5Xs!

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desktop use just for music the room size is 13.12 feet to 13.12 feet

the speakers will be on a speaker stand and I can place them 3.28 feet from the wall

how to the Adam audio a5xs compare to the audioengine a5+

I want the sound to blow me a way that I can picture where the instruments where placed in the room :smiley:

I think the vanatoo has the best technical ability imo. The Klipsch the sixes have a less refined signature more aimed at consumers. The kantos look great but imo the t1s perform better

A bit more :moneybag: but Acoustic Energy AE1 Active are awesome or maybe the Dynaudio Xeo 2?

The x2s are pretty great imo. You might be able to find an ae1 in that price range but idk.

You could also consider a pair of kef lsx

shumba, check out pricing for the Kef LS50’s. they’re on sale for $900 CAD right now, which means they should be even better priced in the US. these are passive, but with the savings and the fact they started out as $2000 speakers, buying an amp and having to spend a bit extra will be TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

hey wanna thank you all for your replays

I live in Switzerland, so can’t get them for this price.

I was thinking about to get passive speakers too, more choices to choose from.

any suggestions for passive speakers as a pair max 1000$ and amp max 500$

How much can you get SVS ultra bookshelf’s for over there?

You could also consider Klipsch RP600m which I think would be pretty good

wich model ? then I will check

svs bookshelf is about 600$

the ultras are not available

It is called the “svs ultra bookshelf”

Another option might be Dynaudio Emit M10

Is that per speaker or a pair, in the us the ultra bookshelf is $500 per speaker

Edit: gotcha, I would recommend the dynaudios instead than

svs bookshelf is for a pair

I found a pair of ultras for 1160$

You could get 8330 for max 1000$ each, so kinda fits the price tag? Since they are usually sold per speaker.
Or just the older one 8030’s. They could be near the price mark with 2 speakers.

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That’s not a bad deal imo

ok so i will get the svs ultra bookshelf just finished checking some reviews on them love the Pino black top notch.

now I need a amp with great sound and power any suggestions ?

Hmmm, what brands are available to you where you live?

I think most of the popular brands, else I can buy it in Germany and ship it to Switzerland

A really good amp that came out recently is the Denon PMA-600NE. Pretty good price too at 400 usd in the us