All British stereo setup

Has anyone got any recommendations for amplifiers or speakers that are British made?

I have set myself the task to build a fully British system over the next one or two years, and thus far I have narrowed my DAC choices to the Chord Qutest or the Audiolab MDAC+.

I am still yet to decide on an amplifier though. I have been looking at Vintage QUAD monoblocks, as well as some Audionote amplifiers but I am yet to fully decide as I haven’t chosen the speakers yet.

Next is the speakers. I had my mind set on the Harbeth C7ES-3 for a while but I tend to be somewhat indecisive. Some B&W gear seems to speak to me as well.

If anyone has any ideas on an Amplifier in the £1500 or less range, a DAC ~£1000 or less and Speakers below £3000 I would be very interested to listen. I am not opposed at all to buying used.


Well for amps you could check products from Cambridge Audio, NAIM, Myryad, Arcam.
They all have as to say “normal” amps and pretty high end as well.
To my knowledge more or less they have audiophile / hifi grade amps.

The speakers part is much harder since many good ones and all sound different. What it the taste and flavor you like kinda set’s the tone for it. :slight_smile:
For speakers i would look from ATC, ProAc, Tannoy, B&W, KEF or Harbeth.
All of them have different types of speakers. Different in looks, build, shape, size and sound.

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I used to like the Castle Acoustics speakers, but I haven’t heard any in years.
There are just so many small speaker companies in the UK.

All classics. Also look for PMC, Fyne, Wharfedale, Wilson Benesch, Spendor, and of course Quad

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Just offering again: if you have any further questions regarding the C7s, let me know!

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/end thread, answer found.

Creek Audio is a venerable brand for amps; looking just now they seem to be down one all in (pre-amp, power amp, DAC)… so maybe since you’re set on another DAC they’re redundant. Very British though!