Almost Broke student need help for a good headphone

I’m looking for a durable over ear headphone that will last me quite a while(8-10 years min) under 160$ if it’s serviceable it’ll be a bonus. I listen to all types of music genre depending on the mood, but always listen to calming, lofi and Celtic music,I prefer to not bother the other person near me as I watch movies, anime or playing games. I don’t like Bluetooth so wire.

My first headphone, the sony MDR v55 broke after 9 years of use. I really appreciated it for it’s durability ,and it was portable. Had the plastic joint not broken completely I’d have repaired it and kept using it. Since it broke it made me realize if I’m going to buy a new pair I should invest in a good pair of headphones ,one that can be serviceable ,one that will last me a good number of years since I can’t always buy a new one every year or so , and I have other things I wish to buy like a Dac,Amp etc

So far my research has led me to short list my preferences to

  1. DT 770 pro 80ohms(removed)
  2. Fostex T40/50RP Mk3

I like the DT 770 pro 80 ohm for the velour pads, materials,serviceable parts and it’s durability. The Fostex is closed back, durable,modable and has good reviews . I have not listened to either of them and merely chosen them from reviews and ppl recommendation. I’d like your views on helping me decide the second biggest personal investment in my life. I live in Asia so if you could make it so I can order them from online it’d be great.

Edit: Removed sivga 006 as the headband is likely to fail. Akg K371 droped of the list due to limitation on pads. I decided on going for a Fostex RP MK3, Now I need to decide between the T40 or T50.

How much is a 1more triple driver headphone over there? Also a good option, although very v shaped. The dt770 80 ohm is wide, has a fair amount of bass, and is very durable and easily reparable with a v shaped response. The blon is going to be a more closed in sound with a also warmer response

There also is the Sony mdr-v6 which is still a pretty good headphone, and very reparable. The audio Technica m40x would also be something to consider

AKG K371 has detachable cables - I always told people to get the 770 80 Ohms - but now that the AKG K371 exists… not sure about the Beyers anymore

don´t get me wrong! the 770s subbase and soundstage are more fun. You can easy replace the headband, the pads and so on. Comfort and build quality are great for the money

the AKG K371 is maybe a bit less fun and has better controlled highs

That’s true, I just didn’t recommend it because I didn’t know its availability and price in Aisa

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you are a wise man - not enough characters…

I mean if it is there for a reasonable price it’s pretty great, I just didn’t know since I live in the US and am not familiar with pricing outside of the us and canada

More than 50-75 USD if I buy here( they only have 250 ohm) plus no warranty and it could be fake. The MDR V6 and the M40X were also in my list but I crossed them out as I’ll have to replace the pads anyways so why waste 10-15 dollars on it and instead invest in a better headphone, also they are similar to the my MDR V55 in term of materials which will break around the hinge as they are also plastic. The MX40 needs specific cables while the MDR V6 has way to long cables plus I’m afraid they’ll break or I might get fakes from amazon.

I’m not buying from Asia I’ll have a 3rd party buy it from either US or UK and ship it to me.

take a look for the NAD Visio HP-50’s or the Blon B8’s.

The NAD Viso HP-50 fell of my list due to lack of reviewers. The Blon B8 on the other hand is like the Sivga 006 but cheaper and without the carrying case. I could just order the V moda cable along with it for a better feel but I wanted a case as well when traveling and I’m not using it so it won’t get all dusty during the day.

I have the HP-50’s and they’re wunderbar! they were niche, so not being a lot of reviews isn’t a surprise. I also have the B8’s on order…they’re currently heading over on the slow boat from China as we speak, actually. :slight_smile:

The 770 250ohm is the best of the bunch (I used have a pair) but take a bit more muscle to drive so to get the best out of them an amp or dac/amp is worth the investment…FiiO Q1 gen 2 etc :+1:

what happened to it ?
As much as I’d love to take the 250 ohm the very fact that I’ll always need a powerful dac amp to run it bothers me as I’m not that stable atm as I’m still a student maybe after graduation when I get a paying job I will consider it till then slow investment beats out going all in for me.

They fell into a canal…don’t ask lol.

Did they still work, or were you not able (or willing) to find them lol

They didn’t work lol and I didn’t have 56lbs of dry rice to find out lol…UK canals are mostly very sallow 2-3ft max but do have faster running river sections feeding them :+1:

Lol, perhaps make sure to keep more rice in stock in case of future headphone in canal incidents for science

Dry rice ? What would you need that for ?

Like you use to dry out a mobile phone etc if it gets wet :+1:

Support a candidate that’s going to go after eliminating 100% of student loan debt. Then you’ll be able to put some money back into the economy in the way of audio equipment purchases. :slight_smile:

Education is fairly cheaper in most Asian countries compared to US or EU as any middle income family can afford it.