Alpha dogs in 2021

The alpha dog headphones caught my interest and with all the plans for making it being public, I’m considering making a pair. Is it still a good project in 2021 or should I look at some other possible mods of the fostex t50rp?

You can make your own with same parts or are you just ruffing it. Being relevant isn’t important as it’s more about doing it yourself where you will learn things about tuning and assembly. I started modding with buying used Modhouse and changing the tuning to what I prefer. It started a side hobby which led to modding T60rp TH900 mk 1 and 2. It led me to mod ZMF Atticus.

Yes the new stuff sounds better from other companies but if you know how just do it.

My regular headphones are flagships from Abyss, ZMF and Audeze but I have time to listen to my own creations.

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