Alternative Spotify clients

Hi all,

I’m getting more and more annoyed by the Spotify client, on any platform. It seems that the more I listen using Spotify the more I’m listening to the same music. The client only cares about whatever you always listen to and whatever other people put in playlists. I was wondering if people here use alternative clients for Spotify and if so which one. The ones I find have pretty much all not been updated for like 5 years or so.
What I would like is an app or webapp where there is a clear distinction between what is in my library and what is not, and where I can do something like, show me all jazz artists within the group of artists I follow / are in my library. Or shuffle all classical music from artists / albums I like.

Thanks :slight_smile:

YouTube is great on the desktop for music. you can make (mixes)that act like a playlist.

I use Spotify to and I do not see much NEW music on there. ask some friends for some new music

here’s a new band my friend recommended my yesterday

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