Alternative to Schiit Fulla 4?

Hi guys,

Does anyone have a recommended alternative to the Fulla 4? I love the idea of having a separate mic and headphone Jack output. Other than that I’m not too picky on features. I was going with the Fulla 4 for it’s simplicity and style, along with how easily it can be setup.

Unfortunately I’m on week 14 of waiting for the item (I knew long product delays are inevitable but they updated the page to say 4-6 weeks now, and support told me they have no ETA still)

I’ll be powering just simple DROP Sennheiser PC38X‘s from my PC. I use the headset for gaming along with some music.


you could also get a creative x series or a sennheiser gsx

just browsed mayflowers site for first time in couple years. they have a mini arc now and an arc mk II

Thank you! I decided to try the ARC Mini, seems to fit all my needs in a small package. Unfortunately they didn’t have a phone number listed to call to check if orders are backed up, fingers crossed!

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Did you have any issues with the Mayflower? I just put an order down for a Fulla, but if it’s gonna be 14 weeks without hearing anything, I’d rather go with something that’ll actually get here

I can relate to what you are feeling. I am at the point where I have lost faith in Schiit to deliver much of anything. I’m trying to be patient but I don’t know if I can hold out any longer. 1 month and counting without a single word. To hear that you are 14 weeks in and still being left hanging is most discouraging.

Oh well. I hope you can find something else that will make you happy. Best of luck.

No it works great! My only issue is it doesn’t have a dedicated mic output like I originally wanted.

Btw I kept my Schiit order from 7/5 and I’m still waiting :blush:

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Lol well I just put in to cancel my Fulla order after reading that. I am specifically looking for a mic input so my search continues! I just watched one of Z’s videos and I might go with the Syba Sonic just because it’s so damn cheap haha

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Just an update, Schiit is sending me a Fulla E instead of the Fulla 4 as the 4 may have been unexpectedly discontinued. It’s shipping today/tomorrow.

Big F to AKM, I guess

Yeah I don’t think AKM is in business anymore.