Alternatives to FH5

I’ve been set on getting the FH5’s for the longest time but does anyone have any recommendations for IEMs that provide the deep bass that the FH5 do for a similar price or cheaper? Preferably an IEM that isn’t too treble intensive, has good bass and an overall relaxing sound. I’ve got 1More Triple Drivers at the moment that I use when going to sleep and I’m looking for an upgrade to them and the FH5’s seem to fit the bill. I also have the Tin T2’s but for the hip-hop and other poorly recorded music i listen to they can be too sharp and too resolving so I need an alternative style of IEM.

Moondrop Kanas Pro, BGVP DM7, Fearless Audio S6 Rui

I would probably go with the last one, although its more expensive. Under 200 i would take the Moondrop, under 300 DM7 and under 400 the Fearless

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iSine10 > Cypher Cable > iPhone X. Crystal highs, balanced mid, fast low mid, and sub-bass whump that makes you keep trying more songs to see how far this goes. Helps me forget I’m listening, and just enjoy being in the music. But am still finding the ear tip combo that stays secure. That’s been tricky. Nozzle is 5.5mm, so there are fewer tips that fit. Someday may try custom molds, which would lock them down and seal the best.

How much is iSine better with the special cable? I have been curious about those for a long time, but always thought they are too weird, open and ofcourse I cant use any fancy apple cables with my Fiio X5 Gen 3 :smiley:

I can’t promise the 3.5mm cable will provide the sound you expect. At this point, not sure why. May need a lot of power, or tubes, both of which I don’t have. As such, would go with one of the other IEMs you’re pursuing.

You might want to give the TFZ No. 3 a try. Great bass, decent mids, and detailed treble which isn’t sibilant or fatiguing. Also great bang for buck at $109. While it has a V shaped signature and isn’t quite to the level of the Kanas Pro or P1, the No. 3 currently is my go to IEM’s, except for critical listening sessions.

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Think i might go for the OH10’s now actually

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Not cheaper, but in the same price range is the Sony XBA-N3AP.

I was split between the FH5 and the N3 as they seemed to be two of the only well-reviewed warm, bass-boosted IEMs that were also considered all-around excellent performers (N3 has B+ and FH5 has B on Crinacle’s rankings) in the $200-300 range (also the Final E5000, but reviews seemed to indicate that it was perhaps too dark and the bass too thick and less responsive for what I wanted).

I’ve been comparing them side by side, and I wanted to like the FH5 more, but I keep coming back to the N3. The N3 has the same strong bass as the FH5, especially a deep, weighty sub-bass (FH5 may have ever so slightly weightier sub-bass), but the bass in the N3 seemed to be more responsive and clear, keeping up just a little bit easier in metal while providing the same punch in EDM and hip-hop.

The big difference though is that the N3 feels much more spacious and natural than the FH5, which seems more forward and little more in your head. The mids especially seem to have greater presence on the FH5 and do not always seem the most natural, whereas they feel much more natural and clean on the N3. The highs also roll off a little quicker on the FH5, still decently detailed and smooth, but the N3’s highs seem to have greater sparkle and detail without ever feeling sharp (I’m sensitive to overly bright highs).

The only area the FH5 seems to have the N3 beat for me is build quality (N3 isn’t bad, but the FH5 build and cable are just next level) and format (I like over the ear better, and the shell design of the FH5 lets you lay on your side comfortably, the N3 inserts and seals in ear easier though). Both are amazing, but overall the sound of N3 is better for me.

I’m considering the OH10 as well, just waiting for more reviews to come in. Looks like it could be excellent though.

OH10 vs TFZ no.3

Very similar, but prob slightly cleaner due to presence around 3-5k and slightly leaner bass, but basically the same at the very lowest of the low.

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