Alto A5 vs T5V vs Tannoy Gold 5

Hey guys, im searching for a pair of powered speakers under 400-500€.
I would be swapping them around between my tv and my desk. Id like to do a bit of producing on them so they should be kinda accurate.
At first i was looking at the Adam Audio T5Vs or Tannoy Gold 5 wich would be perfect for producing but i ran into problems at my tv setup. My tv either has a optical or hdmi/arc output so i’d need a dac and a volume knob because i cant control the volume on my tv. Since i’d like bluetooth too this would leave the cheapest reasonable option i found at 100€ (Fx-Audio Dac X6 MkII).
Then i ran into the Argon Audio Alto A5 and saw that they would be kind of just the thing i was looking for.
However im not sure how accurate they are. I havent found a frequency response anywhere, just a +/- 3 db variance. Is anybody familiar with them? Also i would leave out a sub in my setup.

Thanks in advance for the help