Am I getting the best audio from my sources? 🤔

Hey everyone. Since my DAC has limited connectivity I was curious if I’m getting the best audio possible with all my devices.

My current gear used.
Amp - Topping A90
I’m either under headphones or using the A90 pre with a pair of Adam Audio studio monitors.

Since my DAC doesn’t have HDMI I have to use my TV’s fiber optic / toslink output into my DAC. Even if my DAC had more inputs it seems the current gen gaming consoles don’t even have Toslink outputs anymore.

Thank you all for looking. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

it can always get better :slightly_smiling_face:. that being said, you perfectly fine with what you have. and yes, current gen gaming consoles has no toslink. there are at least a couple dac makers that are plug and play usb though.

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Not sure if a DDC like a Doku u2 or that smsl one works with consoles so you could get a good spdif signal :sweat_smile:

The Nvidia Shield works with the douk for what it’s worth. I’d check if the console does hi-res audio out usb.

Most likely not.
Possible problem is the source material or device TV.
DAC is fine and Amp most likely also. Probably cables between it all and speakers & headphones.

I use TVs optical and RME in the TV setup and its fine. No need to trouble my mind about it. :slightly_smiling_face: