Am I the only one that thinks a balance source

and cable makes a bigger difference to IEM’s than it does to Over Ears?..Yeah I run both types with both types of drivers (i’m not cable geek/snob) but a balanced IEM seems to make a bigger impact when it comes to detail and separation (gain adjusted :+1:) v’s se…I don’t seem to get much difference when it comes to Over Ears :thinking:


I also agree with this, and it’s probably because iems can be more sensitive to amps


and static interference via the cable.

Yeah I don’t really understand cable talk tbh…$1k per foot stuff etc but the balanced cable brux made for my P1’s does make a difference to me…unlike when I’ve add a balanced one to one of my Over Ears a bit of gain was the only difference I noticed tbh…no golden ears here tho :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d get this at home?..short cable, minimal electronic devices on our boat…mostly 12v…most 240v’s are turned off unless needed ie Blu-ray, TV and surround etc?

It’s more the fact that you are using balanced then it is what the cable is made out of imo

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Interference really isn’t an issue tbh for a headphone cable, but if you are using a 30 ft xlr I would see that as more helpful

Think he was just also mentioning the useful common mode rejection of balanced

I use both both balanced and se for my iem’s and over ears…most of my cables or “sensibly” good too lol.

Have both with me- single ended and balanced IEM cables
In the last months only use balanced for IEMs
Yes the balanced channel seperation is more noticable with IEMs
dort believe in high end unicorn silver 64 core bs

  • in better build quality? yes