Am I the only one who loves New Age and Spa music?

I usually listen to the Sirus/XM Channel Spa.

I work from home 4 days a week, I’m a Network Engineer and I keep the music going all day…

It’s some of the best ambient background music. And working in IT, you need all the calm and soothing music you can get.

I had a huge new age phase in my early teens. I still love it, though I do admittedly listen to less of it nowadays. I lost all my music from that era unfortunately but, there is one song that I always remembered and have in my favorites.

New Age? Like Enya? yeah why not? I don’t mind New Age music, in fact I have to thank my mom with her constant playing of Enya songs back then when I was a kid, makes me relax, keep calm and just be at peace. Metal and rock are good and all but, there is nothing wrong about slowing down once in a while like that genre of music.

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Working from home 4 days a week, I just have New Age and Yoga music playing during the day, it’s very calming.

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