Am I the only one

that think the Logitech Z623 is decent desk setup? It’s compact (if you put the subwoofer) on the floor.

It’s intimate as well for when you don’t want full blown woofers shooting sound at you.

anyone who hasn’t tried anything better will think it’s great or decent. but having owned several logitech setups over the years they have gon down in quality over time and which prompted me to finally get a decent pair of speakers and is way better than anything logitech has produced. a lot of these tpes of speakers just sound hollow and tinny compared. to having full blown woofers shooting at me.

I am still very very surprised with my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX desktop speakers, as I got them awhile ago, and they still sound pretty great to me. I so remember some of the older high end Logitech desktop speakers sounding nice, but currently the new Logitech speakers suck pretty bad

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I still own a set of 5.1 Logitech. It’s boxed up at home base and to expensive to ship. But will never sell it. Old school THX worked.

Well they were certified thx, but didn’t have any actual thx tech in there (I think). Also I doubt that Logitech will ever get another speaker thx certified now that razer owns thx lol

The 623 are THX certified. Again, what that actually translates into who knows… It was meant as the replacement for their legacy 2.1 system.

Definitely not saying they are better than a pair of bookshelves - I just appreciate the minimalist nature. (Or justifying not spending money on speakers so I can spend more on headphones). Whatever reason seems more appropriate.

It’s essentially guidelines the manufacturer has to follow, regarding sound

I had their 5200’ or 5300’s a decade ago…but sold them. don’t remember why though…or what I replaced them with. heh.

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So like a gold hi-fi sticker?

Yeah but at least they care about the sound more, not just specs

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