Amazon basics speaker wire and bananna plug review

I’ve finally finished installing my Klipsch thx ultra 2 5.2 system and I used Amazon basics 14 gauge in wall speakers wire and bananna plugs to hook everything up and I have to say how impressed I’m with these products the speaker wire is 14 gauge 99.99% oxygen free copper in a twisted pair wire with a thick outer protective sheld the wire is CL2 rated and can be used in wall, it’s fairly flexible for have a thick outer jacket and was easy to manipulate around tight corners as I had to run it under my molding because I live in an apartment and can’t drill holes in the wall, it’s feels very high quality and for $48 for a 200ft spool of it, it can not be beat, I honestly don’t know how Amazon does it there is no way they are making money on this, or boomer are extremely dumb and have been falling for the speaker wire snake oil for so long now that it seems amazing when wire is priced how it should be. Wire is also available in 12 gauge as well.

The Amazon basics banana plugs are another amazing item sold for a ridiculously low price by Amazon I was able to get 12 pairs (24 plugs in total) for $23! They are 24k gold plated (GOLD!!!)self crimping pulgs, you unscrew the top of the plug and feed the wire in through the base fold the wire over the crimps and they screw the cap back down on top of the wire the wire is held extremely securely and is next to impossible to pull out of the plug when done correctly. The tips of the plugs spin freely so no tension is put on the wire, the plug, and most importantly the back of your amp, im extremely impressed with these and for what they cost do your self a favor and don’t waste time fumbling around at the back of your receiver (potentially placed on top a rickety piece of furniture as in my case!) and buy a set of these plugs!


I’m new to the whole banana plugs to amp/reciever to speakers from source. Can you explain how you set all of that up with the materials you have?
Sorry if it is sort of off topic.

Ya you feed the wire threw the body of the connector and then screw the cap down on top of it.

And then you plug the connector into the back of the speaker terminal and don’t have to mess with feeding wires threw and screwing down on them at the back of your recever

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That does seem fairly simple, thanks! I’m hoping to one day get a pair of Micca RB42 if they ever get back in stock on Amazon and a Micca Origain, and make a nice sound system for my family’s TV, because they are always complaining about how bad their tv sounds.

Everyone on here has really good things to say about Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf speakers, if you shop around you can find them for about $70, they are always in stockAC_SY400

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