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I recently ran into a thread on here that was talking about how an individual was on the fence about a product on Amazon and decided to make the purchase because there was only one left in stock. Then I looked at the stock a day later and it said 14 in stock. Which lead me to create this thread. People need to know that Amazon and the businesses who sell on amazon have access to your search history, browsing history, cart, and saved for later data. They can manipulate the amount of stock and the price of items based on how you interact online. I have had experience with this myself several times. For example, someone will have an item in the the cart or saved for later list and a seller can decrease the stock to make buyers panic into buying something sooner, and without rationalization. They can also manipulate the price lower and higher until you buy the product or to trick people into buying at a higher price. I experienced this with my DT 1990’s on Amazon. I was waiting for my paycheck to come in for a week. I already knew I was going to buy the DT 1990’s and they were in my cart the whole time. However multiple times a day, the seller would change the price from $540 to $600 back and forth, back and forth. They were hoping to catch buyers at $600 instead of $540. Just be aware of these things when buying things on Amazon. If you care about not spending more money than you have to, then make sure you check multiple sites before you buy an item, find the best price, and take your time. At least on Amazon you can always return it. But most companies know that people are a lot less likely to go through the hassle of returning something once it arrives. Especially if it is an online purchase. Because you have to pay to ship it back. So just be aware of this people. Wanting to save some people from being tricked and manipulated buy multi billion dollar companies. These companies spend millions per year in advertising for a reason. Because it works on us. Successful businesses don’t invest in things that don’t make them money.

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I have seen this before from Amazon. If I’m going to buy something from the site and it’s not very urgent I will leave it in my cart for a few days and Amazon will sometimes send out a mail saying I should consider finishing the purchase and that it’s gone down in price.

I have also seen from other sites that if you have a cookie from that site that indicated you were looking at an item then the next time you visit it would increase the price and decrease the available quantity in an effort to get you to panic buy.

The salesman’s underhanded tricks have not gone away they just moved from analog to digital.


I have the same experience with the grey dt770 80 ohm from amazon. Amazon and projector central sells them. The price goes 179$ morning and at night and sundays they drop to 135$ recently ( they have been lowering it for a month for 136,68$, 140,37$, weird price with weird cents.) I ended buying them from drop lol, at 140 + 7,65 shipping. Amazon price would be 135+tax and faster 2 day shipping instead of drop 147,65$ shipping later this month. Amazon would be better choice for their return policies but the one i bought from drop is the black and not grey ( i know its just color :wink: ).

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When there was only 1 item in stock, that was for one third party seller and not total number available. There’s more than 20 sellers selling the DT1990. Below is a link to the the DT1990’s price history. As for the price fluctuations you observed, that was probably Amazon’s first party listing being adjusted algorithmically based on third party prices. Amazon doesn’t randomly adjust prices in the hopes of maximizing profit.

Price History of DT1990


Airlines are known to engage in this practice or raising prices to repeat visitors, but Amazon does not. You can use CamelCamelCamel to check price history of any item; prices are the same for everyone.

You are right they dont show exclusive price to one costumer and also they dont alter stock for one costumer, i just want to talk about my experience as the OP . But something is true, keep an eye for an item on the cart. They price is a roller coaster.

I would be interested in seeing where that website gets their data. Because the price of the DT 1990’s I observed fluctuated when no other seller on the entire internet was selling them below $600. Trust me, I spend hours upon hours scouring the internet for the best price when I know I want to invest in something. So I don’t believe that the price was fluctuating based on other sellers. No one else was around that price like I said. Also, I didn’t buy the headphones from a 3rd party seller, I bought them straight from Amazon themselves. As for the stock fluctuations, I think it’s hard to believe that Amazon and 3rd party sellers do not engage in stock manipulation. You’re telling me that an item can stay in stock for a week and then when I add it to my cart but don’t check out immediately, the stock can drop to just a few units? And this has happened more than once to multiple people. Once is an anomaly, multiple times is proof.

Yeah, there’s nothing really stopping them from doing anything like that. They might not even be communicating to 3rd party sellers and only relying on algorithms to adjust “available stock.” I know someone who sells things on Amazon as a 3rd party, and I told him about this, and he just laughed, and said that he is kinda kept out of the loop regarding how his products are affected by the algorithm. He said he didn’t care as long as it brought in sales lol

Take a look. 499. Extra case and headphone stand

I am more of a simple man.
I might check prices from local markets first, product ‘X’ is around 4x$.
I check local online store prices, product ‘X’ is around 3x$ So better deal already, cut local stores out.

If the product ‘X’ is hard to find locally.
I might check world wide online stores and difference Amazon pages, product ‘X’ is around 2x$. Even better than local online stores -> buy.
Made my mind and that’s the deal i took. Wont take more time sniping items in shopping carts.

If i want go easy and think i might need warranty services, i buy stuff from local stores or online stores. Depending of different products and what is the most easiest way to handle situation.

ALso from ebay :wink: you make me want them lol.

I have both the NDH20 and the DT1990’s and unless you’re going for an open headphone, I would pick the NDH20 because it’s a better all rounder. It’s closed so you can take them portable if absolutely necessary, the build is better, and they have slightly very good sound comparable to the DT 1990. And it’s the same price relatively.

Both are on my wish. I will get them eventually

OP did you buy the dt1990? was 500$ on amazon this sunday. they bundle from buydig form ebay is back. I am tempted