Amazon HD Music now available in Canada!


They offer 90 days trial free.



any reason to use this over Spotify Premium?

also…didn’t Amazon just announce they’re killing their music system in favor of YouTube?

That was Google, since they own YouTube

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The HD variant is almost all at least 44/16, has a lot of 96/24 and some 192/24 content if you care.

Happy for all you Canadians, I’ve dropped Tidal and Spotify for Amazon, highly recommend SongShift to bring playlists over

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Spotify has probably the worst quality of them all…

In Canada, Tidal was probably our best option (in terms of quality), up until Amazon Music HD has been added.


wow…that is quite the brain fart I had, LoL. crossing mortal enemies…

Songshift is an iOs app.

If like me you don’t have an iOS device, I suggest :
Free Your Music (15$ and you have a lifetime license to transfer as many playlist as you want.)

Soundiiz is another option, but it currently doesn’t offer the possibility to transfer to Amazon Music…

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Trying it seems like a no brainer. Thanks for posting!

An alternative you can use is MusConv, i almsot moved every song one by one XDD but this helped me transfer playlists quickly