Amazon Music Exclusive mode increasing treble

I was puzzled lately about how sometimes the treble in my Helios headphones would increase to a uncomfortable level. then suddenly be ok on further listening. well i finally figured it out. When i put Amazon Music in exclusive mode it increases the treble on my headphones. it also increases the volume as well as takes volume control away from the app and windows mixer. Anyone else have this problem?

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Maybe you can help me understand - I use Amazon Music HD but I’m not even sure what “exclusive mode” is…

Well the best i can describe it is it’s a feature that bypasses the windows mixer and goes straight to the DAC in an effort to be “bit perfect” its supposed to improve the sound. but some say they cant detect an improvement. i think i can hear an improvement.

In the lower right hand corner of the Amazon Music app theres a speaker icon thats called “Available Devices” under that menu is a check box titled “Exclusive Mode”

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I use Amazon HD on Pc too.
There are two three things that bother me and are sometimes quite annoying.
I like the wide range and unfortunately I have to pay for the service.
I miss a display that clearly shows me in which resolution the title is currently being played. Every time you have to press the stupid HD button to see it, I want to relax.
Another point of criticism is that I choose the best resolution and then also expect Ultra HD and it is clear to me that a lot of things are not on the same level and get HD, especially for the radio station, for example, some titles are available in Ultra Hd and come by chance then Hd. I feel a little fooled about it. Next time the song comes back in Ultra.
I also think it’s stupid that there are hardly any explanations of what can be built or used.
It doesn’t have to go into detail, but more background information would be more helpful.
Like the explanation of exclusive mode.
I don’t hear any difference when activating it.
I also do not know why it shows me the same Dac 2 times in the menu. If I click on it, I hear no difference, even if I also click the exclusive mode again.
For a Dac that is attached to it on the PC is actually unusable. I think it is an additional option for smartphones and tablets if it has been implemented.
Otherwise, I see the exclusive fashion thing more than a kind of bluff.
Which would not justify $ 5 more. I listened to Unlimited for a long time and booked Hd because it is free for 3 months.
I sometimes hear nuances between the two subscriptions, but nothing that would pay off anymore.
Some titles are really very good in ultra Hd that has to be recognized.
But with older titles from the 90s, 80s, 70s the format 16 / 44.1 will remain. I doubt that it will come to 24/96.
Otherwise, it’s not bad with offline mode, own playlist and so on, and also found it better than Tidal and Spotify. If Amazon added a little more and would be less transparent, I would appreciate that as a user.
I’m considering testing Quboz to see if there are any differences, and apparently Quboz has made real progress.

Exclusive mode.

What is exclusive mode?

When exclusive mode is enabled, the Amazon Music app will block sounds from other applications while music is playing. This provides a number of sound quality benefits, notably that it allows the Amazon Music app to play music in the highest possible quality supported by your playback device. It also reduces the likelihood of playback errors that can occur when multiple applications are playing audio at the same time. It is important to note that other applications will not be able to play audio when a song is playing while exclusive mode is enabled.

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So when Amazon plays the music and quality as good it can be or how it should be.
The Helios get uncomfortable. That kinda ain’t a good thing in my brain.

Personally I haven’t heard any real improvements with audio quality when using exclusive mode ever. Which is good because most of the players I use don’t support it and I’m often messing around with EQ.

Are you using EQ or something to adjust the treble? The only reason exclusive mode would affect the treble is if you were using something to reduce it.

If you always want to use Exclusive mode and EQ at the same time, then you have to do one of the following

  1. Use the player’s built in EQ
  2. Get a hardware EQ like the Loki
  3. Get a RME ADI-2
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I once switched into the exclusive mode.
And then it doesn’t take long until the titles start to jump in the middle of it.
Similar to the cd player for a second or jumping the needle on a formwork sheet as an example.
If I deactivate the mode again everything is normal.
Asio setting from the samples?
In terms of hardware, everything is okay.

hmm, thats strange. maybe your DAC need drivers installed?

I only use the EQ on certain headphones or tracks. most seem to be ok

Yes i noticed that. when i go to youtube and exclusive mode is on i cant play the videos, says render error. but if i close out amazon music its fine again

I had reinstall Windows 4 weeks ago.
Because the Bios battery was empty, he did not start properly and had to reload it.
A repair was also not possible, unfortunately.
I then played the current Windows on it and because I could not find the installation CD for my Acer G7200 Pc where all the drivers are located, but it only works with Windows 7. So I made Win 10 directly on it.
I thought Windows did everything by itself but it wasn’t like that.
Always had polarity problems when I switched on the PC. Left was right and left was right. Did you hear directly and was confirmed when you tested the Windows balance controller.
Because I just got the new Dac, I couldn’t narrow it down exactly where it came from and I got the in-house software down and Xmos USB on it. The problem was still there.
This morning I searched again and found and installed Driver Hub by chance and found that 11 drivers were still missing.
The polarity problem seems to be gone after 3-4 restarts, but I don’t want to fix it yet.
Maybe I would have to play the Dac software again.
Or was this temporary malfunction you should try again.
If it happens again, the search continues to a new problem. Grrrrr

Thing is, is it increasing treble because its increasing sound quality? Or is it some other effect of exclusive mode? If its increasing sound quality i want to use it.

“Amazon Music app: play music in the highest possible quality what is supported by your playback device.”

According to them, yes. Overall music quality, not just treble.
No effect’s.

How much added treble are you hearing? There is really no reason that should happen unless your settings are messed up. Using exclusive mode bypasses everything outside the Amazon player

A smidgen. Enough to realize “hey this treble is a little too much now” where before it was perfect. i had to put toilet paper in my Helios. which i dont like to do. I think that Exclusive mode did bring better sound quality. cause not only was the treble raised but the volume was too. it sucks. i heard the Bifrost 2 was warm and i was rubbing my hands together thinking it would bring the treble down on my headphones like the RNHP did. but i guess not. Oh well.