Amazon music HD vs M11

I can’t seem to get the new Amazon music service to work with the M11 at all. The Amazon app bundled with the fiio works in standard mode the minute you upgrade the track acts like it is loading the music but that’s it. I don’t think the fiio apps can be updated and what’s available on apkpure is not working. Not a happy camper right now. Fiio your M 11 is a boat anchor when it comes to play store apps.

Have you downloaded the apk directly? Google play has nothing to do with the amazon apps

I downloaded it with the apkpure app. I thought that would be the direct way. I know the Google store does not work because fiio did not go for the Android certification needed. Thanks for responding. Any help is greatly appreciated.

So the tracks just don’t play? But the rest of the service loads? So you can play normal tracks, just not the high res versions?

My guess is that the amazon music app doesn’t recognize the dac inside the m11, so it fails to play high rez content. Unfortunately I don’t have the service, so I can’t test this

If you load the app from the fiio applications app it will play Amazon unlimited. However,if you upgrade it using apkpure Amazon HD app or if you go from no Amazon music app to loading it from apkpure Amazon music HD it will load and show it is using the HD service. Press play on any song and wait for ever while it tries to load

The app works in all other ways. Just will not play. Loaded to pioneer xdp-300r and it works like a charm. Ultra HD sounds great

Yeah, then I would chalk it up to some software incompatibility with the fiio

A stupid thing to try might be to hook up the xdp-300r as an external dac if you have an otg cable to the fiio and see if anything happens. IDK if anything will, but it’s worth a try

You would think Fiio would get on the ball and work with the major streaming services to make sure they would be ready with updates when they release new updates to services they already support. I am done with Fiio DAPs after this experience.