Amazon Music HD

I have an Amazon Music HD sub and it’s great for streaming FLAC files. Does anyone know if you purchase something digitally from Amazon that is HD or Ultra HD if it downloads your purchase in a FLAC (or other lossless format)? I could be goofy and not searching something right, but I am finding a lot of ambiguous answers online. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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I cancelled my subscription, so I can’t check, but I believe it shows the bitrate in the UI, so it ought to be obvious.

Fair enough. What did you decide to use instead out of curiosity?

Can confirm it downloads HD to be cached

Spend the dollar or two or whatever it costs to download one song and find out for yourself. A lot of services (Bandcamp) for instance. It’s not described what you’re actually getting when you download FLAC. It can be 16/24 or all the way to 24/96.

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What about the store? in the app theres a store section. not sure the format

I’m using Qobuz currently, I needed something I could use with Volumio, and the library difference isn’t as big as it used to be.

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Jason Stoddard used Qobuz, which I found me very interesting.

Qobuz was nice I just have way to many music subs I need to trim. And honestly I’m really looking to use Foobar more then anything outside of Spotify. Amazon HD is nice to but I haven’t decided what I want to keep yet.

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Personally I just use AmazonHD. It made sense at the time I started streaming a while ago. Now… It just works still. My main complaint is support for Linux isn’t where I would prefer it to be with a client.