Amazon Music Unlimited on Android devices 2022


I am thinking about buying my very first DAC / AMP (preferably Ifi ZEN DAC V2 or Ifi ZEN CAN) to connect to my android devices (Samsung A52S and Xiaomi PAD 5) and to listen to Amazon Music Unlimited, but I recently came across information that still before the digital signal is passed through USB to the DAC/AMP it is first processed by internal components of the the phone which downgrades the content. For Tidal you can use UAPP app to bypass the internals and to pass through the original hi-res signal directly to the DAC, but it looks like this app doesn’t work with Amazon Music Unlimited.

Has anyone tried it? Is there any other app or workaround to use for android devices?


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what phone are you using? most modern phones have pretty high quality dacs built in. The phones dac most likely will not downgrade it much at all. dongles are only popular because very few phones come with 3.5mm jacks anymore.

Phone is Samsung A52S and tablet is Xiaomi Pad 5. I can’t find info about the DAC capabilities of those devices

the phone has a 24bit dac. not sure about the tablet. not sure what 24 bit dac it has though. couldnt find more then the fact its 24 bit with a quick search.

@joshua_g Android down samples to 16bit or something…not sure of the whole thing but when I was talking with M0N about playing DSD of my phone he made sure I was aware of this handicap. You can get around it with software that bypasses Androids control of the USB port and talk directly to the devices that it connects to. I am uncertain if there is software that can do this for Amazon Unlimited though.

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