Amiron Home pad swap?

I noticed this headphone doesn’t get brought up a whole lot and I couldnt find a forum about this really so I thought to create this. I was curious as to how pad swapping would effect this headphone as it comes with alcantara padding which is thicker by a good degree compared to beyers velour padding. I was wondering if switching to maybe a 990/880 pad, 1990s paddings, or even t1 paddings would effect this headphone in a good way. One of the issues I noticed with this headphone is the ever popular issue of the S sound being very sibilant. I figure you can probably put some inserts cut to shape inside the headphone to tone that, get an amp and dac that can tone it more, or even pad swap it. Needless to say, I am not the biggest fan of alcantara while they are nice I feel they are a bit too thick and build a bit more heat meanwhile the velour on other beyers breaths better. Looking for some information on this if anyone has any and would appreciate if someone has done this study or can do so since I am debating on purchases here between the amiron and dt 1990. I personally like the warmer tones from the amiron but I don’t like the sibilance.

I tried swapping 1990, 1770, T5P leather & valour pads onto the Amiron Home and found them to be too sibilant. Nothing will beat the stock pads unless you decide to add additional dampening to the ear pad insert. Theres a reason why theres such a thick dampening patch in the center of the ear pad inserts.

hmm, perhaps some form of extra inserts or a particular amp and dac then?

You definitely could go the amp/dac route but if I were in your position I would look at a different headphone from Beyerdynamics line up to keep things simple. I’ve seen many owner unsuccessfully mod out the sibilance out of their Amirons.

That’s pretty disappointing. Alright well… I got the T1 coming in soon enough to test out as well so will just see out it goes