Amp Advice For M3 Sapphires

Hey guys. Recently I got a new job which literally doubled my income. This also means my equipment aspirations have almost doubled as well (surprise, surprise).

I’m currently using DIY GR Research XLS Encores and a used Marantz SR5001 AV receiver. The combo does a pretty decent job, but I never trusted the performance of my receiver and the speakers only have so much bass for bookshelves. I want to take it to the next level but honestly after so much waiting to upgrade, I just want to get to my endgame too.

I was thinking I could grab the Spatial Audio M3s after saving 6 months or less. Always wanted to hear that open baffle sound. They cost $5k but I’d like to get a separate or integrated combo that preferably costs less than the speakers.

What would you guys be looking at for amp/preamps?

Considering anything from tubes to SS but Id prefer SS for practical reasons. Besides, I’m planning on building a Bottlehead tube phono anyways.