Amp and DAC Suggestions

Any Amp and DAC recommendations?

I bought an Asgard 3 and Modius. However, duen to backorder, I’m tired of waiting and think I’m going to cancel and grab something else.

I would like to stay at the same price point. A little higher isn’t a big deal though.


I’m waiting on the Modius as well for 3/2. I figured at this point I’d just wait it out…

I’ve been really loving my mismatched SMSL stack : SU-8 and SH-9

What headphones are you intending to drive?

I’m a patient man, and a bit of a Schiithead.
A3/Modius had been my plan for a bit, so I’m okay with the wait.

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This is my first stack (went Modius/Magnius) so I’m hoping it’s worth the wait.

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solid stack! no need to worry about having buyers remorse. :smiley:

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The new Cambridge Dacmagic 200M just released this week looks awesome, has DSD/MQA support and the SE headphone amp section is supposed to be very solid for medium+ efficiency cans. I sold my Modius and have been using a Modi Multibit lately, but have one of these on order, hoping it shows some time next week.

will need to wait for reviews to learn if it’s good or mediocre.

I’ve read that the MagicDAC 100 was good, but not good enough for the asking price.

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