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Does anybody have any experience with the Amp Camp Amp? It is a Pass labs designed DIY project, the finished version of which pop up on classifieds from time to time. Description below (scroll down for description):

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It’s a really great amp if you are willing to build it and have sensitive enough speakers, really solid overall imo. It’s a neutral but sweeter smoother sound that’s a pretty engaging listen

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The reason I’m asking is there’s a set for sale close to me at a good price. I thought it would make a good counterpoint to my Purifi class D amp, and a nice way to compare to pure Class A.

Probably more than enough to drive my Dynaudio Emit M30 floorstanders. As you know lower and mid tier Dynaudios are nice and sensitive with that 4ohm rating!

Look at the specs:
Purifi: 400watts at 4ohm. .00017% THd (at 100W)

ACA: 15watts (in mono, 8 in stereo!)
THD:0.7% (at 1 watt!!)

In that and so many other ways, they couldn’t be more different!

Hmmmmm. So yes dynaudio are low impedance but I’d take a stab that those are around 85db sensitivity (I’d have to look) which really may struggle with what the aca can provide at louder volumes. No harm in trying but the dynaudio aren’t the easiest to power. I do think it would be a great alternative to the purifi for some fun, different type of sound for sure

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86db sensitivity. You’re right, I made the low impedance=High sensitivity mistake.

I’ve been playing with the idea of a Schiit power amp as a relatively low cost way to experiment with class A or A/b amps, too. They have more power.

They are nice, personally not my cup of tea but more suited towards the dynaudio imo

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In speakers it generally goes the other way low impedance = harder to drive, though most SS amps at least provide enough current to maintain Voltage into 4 Ohms (double power into 4 Ohms).

Impedance curves on speakers are something you actually have to care about unless you are doing overkill amplification, some smaller apparently “easy” to drive speakers have big drops in impedance in the Bass frequencies (in some cases <2 Ohms), that means a lot of less powerful amps can’t adequately drive them.

Speaker efficiency is quoted as if the speaker were a perfect 8 Ohm load and they aren’t.

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So I just got done building the amp camp amp v1.8 and putting it in my setup. My chain is computer → JDS Labs Element II → Amp Camp Amp → KEF Q150. I was using an Emotiva BasX A100 for my amp. I’m using it at my desk for near field and let me say, I’m only a few hours in, but I’m quite impressed. I’ve mainly been listening to Fleetwood Mac and some One Piece Trap Hiphop remix. Everything just sounds so much more clean now. What’s standing out the most to me are things that are string based, guitars and whatever this Japanese string instrument that’s playing on this one piece song. The main issue so far is that I had a REL hooked up at high level that was causing one of the speakers to lose power since the amp is pretty low wattage, so I’m going to have to set up a low level hookup but no big deal.

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