AMP/DAC combo with microphone input

Hey everyone. I’m from the old continent so some of the past posts are not applicable to me, especially at this time.

My PC connectors have to start producing some static and want to update my APM/DAC game. I was searching around and fo a solution around 220€, that could run decent headphones and have a mic input.

After stumbling around I found two solutions that might work.

The first one would be, buy the Sound Blaster X3 and later pair it with some better AMP. Because like a JDS Atom or Liquid Spark is so hard to get here I’m open to suggestions.

Second option, to buy the Scarlett Solo, put on an XLR power converter to use with the microphone (I have no desire to have a desk XLR microphone). And also pair this one with and better AMP.

I was wondering what you think about it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Arc Mayflower?

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Schitt Hel?

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Thanks for both of the recommendations but getting them to the EU would add significant cost.

I know that Schiit has an EU “store” but it’s out of stock for the foreseeable future.

The Scarlet is probably your best bet. What amp are you thinking of pairing it with?

If I can get my hand on a JDS Atom but because of the availability in EU I don’t have anything selected.

What headphones are you using?

QC 35, Sennheiser GSP 300 and Koss KPH30i. Looking to expand either the TYGER 300 R or DT 1990 Pro, I’m not sure if the extra price is worth it.