AMP + DAC for DT 1990 Pro + Argon MKIII

Looking for an AMP and DAC or an AMP/DAC combo that would be suitable for these two headphones.
My budget is 1000usd and under. The lower the better but I don’t need to go full budget.
I have my eye on the 789 for the amp because, frankly, I just love the way it looks and it seems powerful/versatile but i’m open to more suitable amps.
I’m not currently running balanced but see myself potentially buying balanced headphones in the future, however i’m not sure if it’s a priority.
The DAC will be connected to my PC but I need to have optical in to receive audio from my ps4.
I’m currently using a Monolith Liquid Spark and the motherboard as my DAC. I don’t feel the Liquid Spark drives these headphones to their fullest capability.

On the cheaper end, something like a Schiit Asgard 3 + topping E30 or Schiit modius (for balanced if you do want to go that way) would be a great option to go for and would have plenty of power for your argons.


As in feeding audio to the PS4?

LakePeople G103-S may work for you. Drives my T50RP fine and should not have any trouble with higher impedances.

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sorry i meant optical in. receiving audio from ps4.

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Would E30+L30 manage argons ?

It’d definitely manage to run them pretty well, I’m not fully sure about the sound characteristics of the L30 and how well it’d synergise with the argons but I think it’d most likely be a good pairing