AMP/Dac for Dt 880 250 Ohms

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I have a Beyerdynamic Dt 880 25 ohms, I bought these headphones only relatively recently. Before purchasing these headphones, I had already purchased an AMP / DAC Syba Sonic for use with the Meze 99 classic and Sennheiser 58X.

Despite having more than enough volume with this amplifier, do you think that if you buy a better amplifier you would notice any significant difference?

I was thinking of spending around 100/120 $, I had seen the full or magni Schiit, FX Audio DAC-X6, Sabaj PHA3, Creative soundblaster G6 and the fiio K3.

What is your opinion?

Thank you

Might not notice too much difference for those listed except the Magni if you get the 3+, but with something like the Magni 3+ (amp only) at $100 or Zen DAC (DAC/amp) at $129 you’d likely notice a difference and it’d pair pretty well with the Beyer’s to take the treble a touch.


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I wouldn’t say it’s significant but it would be slightly better in detail and in some cases the low end. DT 880s are best paired to a Tube amp or modded to be balanced plugged into a tube hybrid or balanced tubes in order to better bring out the low end and mid details… I would personally just stick with what you have. You can always change to the 600 ohm for the best sound but this will require one of the $100 amplifiers like Liquid spark, magni 3+ / Heresy , JDS atom, and Topping A30. Can also pair it to something like the Little dot tube amps but the headphone responds better to the Dark Voice tube amp according to what people have said as well as most definitely the DIY bottlehead crack + speedball.

I will agree that this would also be a real nice pairing too more so if you balance mod the dt 880

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@Falenkor Thanks :slight_smile: