Amp/Dac for DT880

Hi Guys

I have a Dt 880 250 ohms and recently bought an AKG K371. I usually play games on the PC and listen to music (spotify premium), right now I use an amp / dac syba sonic. Found a Q1 MKII amp / dac at a good price.

My question is if I will notice any significant difference if I upgrade the amp and if the fiio is enough to push the Dt 880 250 Ohms.

Thank you for your help

A more powerful higher quality amp will be able to deliver more reliable power along with more headroom. Bass should get tighter as well as improved detail retention. The better control

Currently I use syba sonic and I have more than enough volume and as I found this fiioat 50 $ I thought about changing it but it is not the best idea

The DT 880 scales really well with amps so you should be able to get some improvements from something that is higher quality

ok, thanks for the help

Buy a amp who can drive the 250 ohm for your Dt 880.
Check before you buy the specs in the discpription form the amp so you see is good enough.
You can keep your syba sonic as dac and buy only a Headphone amp when you would and connect him via Rca.

A Schiit Herasy or Magni 3 +, Toppimg L30 ode the Jds Labs Atom can be it suffisant for your needs.