Amp/DAC For Future Arya

Hi everyone,

I’m planning on getting an Arya in the next year or so, but I only have a Magni/Modi which I know won’t be enough to drive it well, plus I want balanced. I’m really hoping not to have to pay more than $500, $600 max, for the Amp/DAC combo.

I think my top options are the Magnius/Modius stack, or a THX 887/789 with a balanced DAC. I feel like I want more power than the THX 788 would provide. I don’t need any special features, just clean, powerful, and a good pairing with the Arya. I don’t see myself upgrading beyond an Arya for a long time, if ever. Maybe I’ll get a Focal Elex/Clear at some point. I’m sure any upgrade would be good for my 6xx (keeping) and Sundaras (selling for Arya) while I save up.

Would the Schiitius stack be good for me? Or is a THX or some setup I haven’t heard of better for the price range? I also know people like the liquid platnium, but I think that’s outside what I want to pay in the somewhat near future. If my DAC would play nice with that, that’d be a bonus.


Stay far far away from 789s. A90 is a direct upgrade in every way and I’d be careful looking for a hyper analytical amp. Something with some color is definitely better for Arya’s.

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You might also consider stepping down the headphone to be able to afford a better source chain.

So you’re currently looking at Arya ($1500) + DAC/amp ($500-$600) …you could instead get an Ananda or used Edition X V2 ($700), a Liquid Platinum ($500-$800), and a Geshelli J2 ($300) and still be under the $2000 total budget that you were looking at spending with the Arya setup.

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I’d stay away from THX if you are looking for the big sound stage that hifiman is known for. My 788 and 887 are the most narrow sounding amps I have had. I would give a look at the Singxer SA1, it has a wider stage, sounds smooth (not in a bad way) and has as much detail compared to the 887/788. It might also be a good choice over the A90 as the A90 might get to analytical with the Arya as another post pointed out.


Soundstage is a definitely one of the reasons I want the Arya! Good to know :+1: