Amp/Dac/Interface for DT770 80ohms

The onboard audio on my laptop is trash and gets decently loud. I mostly play rainbow six siege, but I do a lot of video editing when I have the chance. My budget is preferably under $100, but if there is something really good in the $100-150 I can save up. Suggestions?

At the same time I was hoping to upgrade my mic setup. I currently have a blue yeti that suffers from some buzz/interference problems. I’ve done everything, but it’s complicated. Anyway if there is a amp/dac/interface combo that is more future proof that would be nice.

Thank you :slight_smile:

you can benefit from MOTU 2, its an interface that lets you connect mics, guitars etcetc that you can monitor with 0 latancy, it has a really good DAC for the money and the Headphone out has an amp by itself, is not that great but for the DT 770 with 80ohms its enough. you should check it out.

Looks good, might be outside my budget though haha :sweat_smile: