Amp+dac or amp/dac for AKG 712 pro (first time buyer) ~230€ budget

I just ordered my first pair of real headphones and now I need a Dac and Amp or a dac/amp combo for them. I currently have a bad 25€ amp/dac from amazon for my Sennheiser Momentum.

Ideally my budget would be 200€, I spent 160€ for the headphones, I don’t really want to spend way more for the dac and amp. If it’s really really worth it I could go up to something like 260€, but not really above that.

Thank you for your help!

A Shitt Modi or Topping D10 with a Schitt Magni 3+ or a JDS Atom would be solid choices.

Everything in Schiit europe is currently out of stock, I wrote an email and they told me “At this moment we dont have a date yet…hope to have more info this week…”
Either way magni and modi are 135€ each plus 16€ shipping.

Topping D10 is 65€ from drop but shipping is 3 to 6 weeks.
Jds Atom is 122€ with shipping 5-7 working days

The smsl m100 is about 80$ right now. its pretty good dac

73€ (79$) from aliexpress, one month shipping

iFi Zen dac should be available and in budget too?

The Zen dac isn’t going to push the k712 pro well imo, I would say the k5 pro if you wanted to go all in one

-iFi Zen dac: 150€ // 3-4 weeks shipping

I don’t care if it’s all in one or stack. I just want the best I can get in my budget or a little bit more if worth it.

-FiiO K5PRO: 180€ // 1 week shipping

Surely at 62ohms and 105 dB sensitivity they can’t be too hard to drive?

That’s what you would think, they are powered fairly well on most things volume wise, but giving them more improves the sound quality more than what you would think

Ok gotcha :+1:

you can order directly by Schiit Usa.Only the Tax must be it later.
Dac/amp : Fostex Hp A3,Beresford caiman,Project Head Box Digital S2
Topping dx3 pro.
Or a Combo as Dac and Amps
Dac Topping E30 with Amp Schiit magni 3 +,Jds labs atom, Project head box,Topping A50.
Possible Dac too Smsl M100,Cambridge Audio Dac magic100,O2 from jds labs,Topping D10 or D30.

You gave me too many options now I’m just more confused :joy:

I found out there’s an italian dealer for schiit products so I emailed them to know if they have stock and what they charghe for shipping. I’ll update you when they reply to me. Thanks for your help

I’m sorry I didn’t want that.
Let’s ask, is there a certain direction you like?
Do you like to hear analytical, warm, cold, neutral, more transparent music?
which one do you hear exactly?
It would be easier to help you than if you are not satisfied afterwards.

I like it a bit warmer and neutral, and I like to see backgrounds that you would otherwise not perceive. Nice thick bass with all its contours, magical in the middle and not too high out.

One member has an interesting combo called the Topping E30 and Schiit magni 3+.
Maybe he comments on it when he reads this.

and oh it doesn’t matter if it should be a Shiit whether you order it in Europe or in America.
Since the Shiit is below the $ 150 limit, you only pay the VAT from your country plus fees. In Germany at 19% that is about € 28.
Of course, the shipping is added to the $ 16.50 if Schiit sends you.
If you buy it in Europe, you also pay 120 € for the Magni as a duty paid ect. In the end, it just comes to 10 € on which you save or spend more.
Otherwise schaumal still at who also sell things, but there is pound there then you have to convert into euros.

Honestly I don’t really really know what I want since it’s my first time and I don’t have a lot of experience. Since I play videogames and watch movies with lossless audio I guess soundstage plays a good part in the decision.
I’m not a basshead but I like a goos bass kick when there should be one. I don’t really care if it’s super precise since I don’t work with audio, a more enjoyable listening experience comes before a super precise one.
I hope this can help, thank you!

(I’m making a list with all the suggestions I got and they’re price and shipping time)

Don’t get too overwhelmed. I own the k712 and I love how they sound from cell phones to tube amps. You made a good first choice!


Thank you! I took four days of researching to decide what to get!

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Ok so these days I carefully made a list with all the amps, dacs amp/dacs that I was suggested, with their price and shipping time. It took me a while :sweat_smile:
I hope you can help me having all my options in front of you.
Thank you a lot!

Edit: Added xDuoo TA-01B and JDS Labs Element 1, clarified that the Topping DX3 pro is v2
Edit2: Added Creative Sound BlasterX G6 at 160€, I could get a discount on the Beresford Caiman SEG, added a 10€ cheaper Topping D10 option but w/ longer shipping


  • Schiit Modi 3:
    • 139€ // currently out of stock in Europe (Italian Schiit dealer)​
    • 128€ + probably taxes= ̴ 178€ // 1-week (schiit USA)​
  • Topping D10:
    • 109€ // 1-2 weeks (Ebay UK) [no optical in]​
    • 99€ // 3-4 weeks (Topping Audio EU) [no optical in]​
  • SMSL m100: 91€ // 1-2 weeks (Ebay Germany)
  • Topping E30: 143€ // 20-30 days (
  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100: 148€ // 4-5 days (Ebay IT)
  • Topping D30: 111€ // 20-30 days (


  • JDS Labs Atom Amp: 123€ + probably taxes= ̴172€ // 5-9 days (JDS Labs)
  • Schiit Magni 3+:
    • 139€ // currently out of stock in Europe (Italian Schiit dealer)
    • 128€ + probably taxes= ̴178€ // 1-week (schiit USA)
  • Pro-Ject Head Box S: 95€ // 1 week (Ebay IT)
  • Topping A50: 184€ // in a week (


  • Aune X1s 10th Anniversary Edition: 209€ + possibly taxes= ̴ 286€ // 1 month (AliExpress)
  • Topping DX3 pro v2: 220€ // 1 week (Amazon)
  • xDuoo XD-05: 217€ // 10-25 days (Banggood)
  • FiiO K5PRO: 180€ // 1 week (Amazon)
  • iFi ZEN DAC: 150€ // 3-4 weeks (Amazon)
  • Fostex HP-A3: 293€ // 2-4 days (Thomann)
  • Beresford Caiman SEG: 236€ (I could get a discount) // 5-10 days (Home HiFi)
  • Pro-Ject Head Box Digital S2: 245€ // 1-2 weeks (SoloMusicaOnline)
  • JDS Labs Objective2+ODAC combo RevB: 291€ + probably taxes= ̴ 391€ // 5-9 days (JDS Labs) [no optical in]
  • AudioQuest DragonFly Red: 163€ // 6-11 days (Ebay IT)
  • AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt: 260€ // 6 days (Ebay IT)
  • xDuoo TA-01B: 179€ // 3-4 weeks (Ebay USA)
  • JDS Labs Element 1: 160€ // 1 week (USED 2 years – Reddit, from Slovakia) [no optical in]
  • Creative Sound BlasterX G6: 160€ // 1 week (Amazon)


  • JDS Labs OL DAC usb + optical & JDS Labs Atom Amp: 257€ + probably taxes= ̴ 347€ // 5-9 days (JDS Labs)
  • Schiit Modi 3 & Schiit Magni 3+:
    • 268€ // currently out of stock in Europe (Italian Schiit dealer)
    • 228€ + probably taxes= ̴ 311€ // 1-week (schiit USA)


Handmade Van Damme cable w/ Monster connector: 20€ // 1-4 weeks (Ebay UK)

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I am using the Sound BlasterX G6, it came out for 98€ at game (Spain)

At the moment it is not bad, I am using it with the AKG 712PRO and it is a pleasant improvement with respect to the HyperX Cloud Core that I used previously.

All saying that the software that it incorporates is garbage and often has incompatibilities with different software, such as Discord when making calls, if you have voice settings in creative as well as in discord.

The software may freeze in that particularly situation.

Movies and games with the different settings provided by the G6 make this a good experience, but for music direct mode is the only option, at least standard without customizing it, this is my personal opinion and maybe others will like it.

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