Amp/DAC suggestions for Hifiman Arya

Currently running a JDS Atom + Topping E30.
I’m aware I’m well into the territory of diminishing returns/$, but I’m hoping for some suggestions - e.g. would a THX / balanced amp cause these cans to be overly analytical/sibilant? Is there anything to gain whatsoever from a hardware change?
Primarily interested in amp advice, though DAC suggestions are also welcome.
Budget is ~500-700 USD. If there’s a product/stack that is considered worth the extra cost, I could possibly go further.

Maybe a Schiit Modius DAC + Liquid Platinum amp is the way to go if you like balanced. I know some other Hifiman fans enjoy the Liquid Platinum (balanced output only) a lot with their gear.

DACs here for the budget I would the Donald DAC, Topping E30, and Schiit Modius. Personally I really enjoy the Modius the most and the Topping E30 is pretty awesome too but something I think the Arya may just out perform a bit too much.

As always, I’m a fanboy of the Bifrost 2 here but combined with the Liquid Platinum amp I can confidently say way above your price range.

I can confirm @DagoRed’s comment about HiFiMan + Liquid Platinum being a good match. I run a HiFiMan Edition X V2 and Liquid Plat myself and they get along very well. I do suggest you spend the bulk of your budget on the amp as that will make the bigger difference. For DAC, the Liquid Plat does perform best from its balanced inputs (and most certainly use the balanced headphone output), although you can use the SE inputs with a rather minimal performance loss. For balanced options, the Modius is a strong choice. I run the SMSL SU-8 and the iFi Zen DAC, both connected to the LP through an XLR switch. Both sound really great with the LP and each have their own flavor of sound, although the differences are quite subtle. If you go with the Zen, you’ll need a 4.4mm to XLR adapter cable so figure that into cost. The SU-8 still costs about 250USD new, I believe. However, @Gravitas had one for sale for a good price. You can check to see if his is still available.

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My 2 cents, I would avoid the SU-8 unless you really want a remote control with balanced outputs for the price. It’s good but seems to lack something.

SU8 with the filters helps those “something” problems out, IMO.

On topic…JDS Labs Atom > token THX…at minimum, its a sidegrade.

$700 budget gets you a lot of amp upgrades. The token answers here are Liquid Platinum, Lake Peoples, RNHP, etc.

I own the Liquid Platinum, and love it. No idea how it pairs with an Arya, but is sex with Beyerdynamic T1.2.