AMP for Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (with or without mic input)


i recently got the MMX 300 and would like to connect them to a good AMP. The MMX 300 has a microphone so the cable i am using is split at the end and has 2 plugs, one for the audio and one for the microphone.

I believe i have two options now when it comes to AMPs:

1.) An AMP with mic input like Schiit Hel or Mayflower ARK. Problem being that they are hard to get from Europe.

2.) An AMP without mic input. I am not too sure about this but according to ZReviews the 5-pole plug makes it possible to connect the audio plug into a good AMP and the mic plug into the motherboard directly. Link to where he says it in the video:
So i could simply buy a good AMP and run an extension from down my computer to up my desk and connect both plugs there. Problem is that i wasnt able to find anything online (except ZReviews video) that mentions the difference between 4-pole and 5-pole in the way of grounding. Maybe somebody could point me to a good source explaining this?

What would you guys suggest? If you would suggest point 2 (amp wtihout mic input), which AMP would you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

I bought the Motu M2 to be paired with the MMX 300.
Haven’t got the MMX 300 yet … hoping to fit it into my yearly IT budget in a few weeks.
How are you liking the MMX 300 so far?

@wiemelen Hey, is the Motu M2 good for the MMX 300 ? Is the volume loud enough ?

I’m very happy with it.
I use the MMX 300 mainly for conference calls.
Volume knob of the Motu is never up more than 50% while the volume knob on the MMX 300 itself is also just above 50%. So my guess is that if you use it for gaming, it will be more than sufficient.
Volume of the MMX 300 and my Adam Audio monitor speakers can also be arranged separately … so lots of functionality for a fair amount of money.