Amp for dt 1990

I’m looking for an amp to use with my DT 1990s. I’ve been running them with my Soundblaster x ae-5 and off my Yamaha rx v673. I find that the Yamaha suits them much better as it tames the highs significantly compared to the ae-5.

I want something warmish with big soundstage that can deliver at least 100mW at 300ohm. Budget is $350.

I’ve mainly been looking at
Asgard 3
Arcam rhead
Topping a30 pro
Lake People G103-S MKII

Problem is that the rhead only is available used and the Asgard is never in stock at their EU store.

Ideally I would get an amp/dac combo but I can’t seem to find a good contender that can deliver what I want. Tried the Zen dac v2, but it lacked power.

Also been eyeing the Loxjie D40 but there’s not much info on that one yet.

Something else i should be looking at? Any help would be much appreciated!

take a look at the Zen DAC v2 as well. Burr Brown DAC chips which are quite warm. :slight_smile:

I’ve already tried that one. Liked the sound, but it just lacked power.

My vote for A30 pro, it is next tier from Asgard. Compared Asgard 3 to A30 side by side on 1990.

then the Asgard 3 would get my vote. :slight_smile:

How is the treble on the a30 pro compared to the Asgard 3?

Which dac did you pair it with?

At the moment of testing topping d90, now im using d1se with a30 pro. Treble and the whole frequency range is much clearer than on Asgard 3, it was my upgrade path from Asgard to A30 pro. Asgard was sold. Asgard is great warm and colored sound amp for its price, but A30 is better in my opinion for 1990. Asgard lacks resolution in comparison

I’m tempted to get it if I can find it used in Europe. Do you own the 1990s?

Those DACs are to expensive for me. Looking to get something around $200 to pair with the amp I’ll choose.

Is the a30 pro warm or analytical sounding to you?

I’m using my DT1990 with a A30 Pro and it sounds wonderful. I had a Fiio K5 Pro and Aune X1s before and the Topping is definietly the best out of these.
Doesn’t sound any harsher or more analytic than the other amps. DT1990 need EQ anyways

Did you pair it with the d30 pro or something else?

Not looking to EQ the 1990s. Tried it and didn’t like it at all. Made them sound dull. They sound almost perfect with my Yamaha. Admittedly it does color the sound quite a bit.

But I want something that’s not overly analytical, but not quite as warm as my Yamaha.

Just saw a review of the a30 pro that said that you should avoid it if you already have bright headphones. Then again Zeos said that it doesn’t sound analytical like the other Topping products. That it’s more smooth and leaning towards warm. I just don’t know.

I’ve tried the dx3 pro previously from Topping and didn’t care for it. Sounded tinny and flat.

I‘m still using my Smsl Sanskrit 10th mk2, it’s good enough and a D30 wouldn’t be that big of a difference to justify the price for me.
The A30 Pro is just perfect because it has a lot of power with its single ended out which the A90 doesn’t even come close to and it just sounds perfectly transparent without any unwanted coloring.
The combo sounded harsh sometimes but that’s just the DT1990‘s fault and after I applied EQ to them, it’s really enjoyable.

have you thought about a hybrid tube amp?

I can’t say that I have. Do you have something particular in mind?

Clinical yet clean, this is not particularly a warm amp. Toppings dacs lean warm, not so much their amps(granted a couple of them ever so slightly were warmer not enough for me to call them a warm amp)

if you want color, warmth, and spatial recreation this is the correct pick

straight up the alternative to the asgard 3 there for those who have issues getting schiit since its hard to obtain outside the USA

zen dac is a relatively weak unit but has the newer zen CAN that can back it up in its stack… they are still solid units, You should be able to get the combo within your budget so I would suggest this as an option as well

ive personally never liked any of this brands products… that all sound a bit like shit to me granted, I haven’t tried any of their higher end products.

^ absolutely

you might, and i stress MIGHT, be able to find a liquid platinum around that… which will absolutely fit what your looking for as far as amp sound signature is concerned

Could potentially look into Xduoo?

Personally, I think Xduoo, Aune, Schiit, Lake People, Monoprice, and IFI are what OP should be looking at… those are the ones that tend to lean warm and in some cases colored. Topping, THX, SMSL, and others lean more clinically analytical / measurement based from mly experience with them.

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Seems like a good fit for me. Though availability is nowhere to be found in EU. I’m guessing that the Modius is what I should pair it with? If I were to import it I would end up a bit over $650. Would it still be worth it at that price?

I still haven’t completely ruled out the A30 Pro yet though. But I don’t know what dac to pair it with. Maybe the d10 balanced as the d30 pro seems way overpriced?

What would be a good dac pairing with the Lake people?

Could the Zen dac v2 act as a dac only to either of these amps?

Modius or you can also roll E30 since its probably more available anyway… E30 is a good warmer dac… could do others with the bur brown chip like mentioned too

uhh no lol definitely not. Go with lake people or alternative at that point

id advise asking others who have more experience than I do with the particular brand as I had a small bit of time with the g103 and g111 but not long enough for me to comfortably recommend a dac.

always can

Might have been unclear. The $650 was for Asgard and Modius together. Or maybe you got that and still react the same, haha.