Amp for dt880 600 ohm

Is the Atom Amp/dac enough to power the Dt880 600 ohm? I’m planning on buying the headphone and I don’t know if I should get the 250 ohm or the 600 ohm

It can power it yes, however it doesn’t sound it’s best with the atom. Would recommend an amp in the $200 range like the asgard 3 to push it to full potential at 600 ohm

Falenkor I know you have explained this to me already but would the ad700x be a good comp fps headphones? Or the hd58x? Or should I stick with the dt880?

hmm, Depends what your looking for. AD700x is nice and all and is like the budget king for competitive fps it suffers from lack of seperation, has a recessed bass, and mids and highs being forward(though this kind of frequency is what you want in a competitive headphone ideally). Despite the frequency it also suffers from bad build quality it feels cheap and plasticy and the headband leaves a lot of comfort to be desired. I will say it’s good for it’s sound but due to all the issues I find with it I find it hard to actually recommend personally if you can afford alternatives. Should also mention it has a good sized soundstage with good imaging

58x Jubilee this is a more balanced headphone it isn’t the most ideal for competitive. Nothing stands out and it sounds like what you expect from a Sennheiser not very bassy but lots of detail with a decently large soundstage. Good for all rounder not the best for strictly competitive. I personally liked the HD 598 due to it’s larger soundstage. None the less it’s nice for a balanced sound.

DT 880 I would personally say is one of the best as it’s main Issue I find is just the fact it lacks body in the sound which isn’t a deal breaker for gaming. Lack of bass with a brighter treble and not very recessed mids at all makes it really good and it has a nice soundstage with incredible comfort and build quality. For competitives, this headphone is great however if one finds it too bright I would recommend a few other headphones.

Alternatives if you don’t like the brightness. AD1000x: a step up from the ad700x fixes all issues but build quality just brighter. 58x jubilee like said above or hd 598. or AKG k702 due to again less bass with mids and highs being forward but very analytical with a huge soundstage the biggest issue with this headphone is the innacuracies of sound placement.

I would say stick with the 880s honestly and if you find issues with it pinpoint what your issue with it is and then change to one of the other headphones accordingly. DT 880’s sound isn’t for everyone


Zeos from Z reviews seems to think the Emotiva A-100 would be a great amp for these headphones. I own this amp as well and use it for powering both my Infinity R152 speakers and my Beyerdynamic DT770 250 Ohm headphones and this amp sounds wonderful with both.

Apparently something along the lines of this?..

God help you if you have a pair of HE6SE’s :zap::zap::zap:

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personally I quite enjoy all 3 for gaming for different reasons the 58x I disagree with falenkor with I find tit to be pretty excellent for gaming while not super sharp it can highlight footseps pretty well as well as gunshots and still has pretty great imaging and because of the narrower soundstage doesn’t need to be super sharp to tell you where people are coming from Ive been using it a lot for valorant lately and because the footsteps are inately bassy in that game its pretty excellent and the imaging on the headphone is pretty top kntch and the fact that its easy to drive is a plus as well as I can run it on my motherboard no problem. the ad700x I would buy strictly for gamign as its imaging and soundstage are great just kinda sucks in the fun factor in any was shape of rform. its a boring headphone but it is good for gaming. the 880s are great if you want beyer as to me have the best imaging and soundstage performance along side some akg headphones I quite like. but beyers are typically hard to drive and yyou need and amp. the 880 600 ohm could be powered by the monoprice liquid spark or magni 3+ pretty well. but many will argue thats not enough due to them not being powered properly so the cheapest amp would probably become the asgard 3 a nice warm amp with plenty of power.

Unsure what you are disagreeing with there honestly, I only said I don’t find them the most ideal. They are still fantastic headphones and great all rounders

ah sorry may have misread it

An OTL Tubed amplifier can power them headphones plenty.

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