Amp for Kef Q100 for desktop

Currently have a pair of Kef Q100 with a Topping D10 Dac. I was running the setup using a Yamaha V675. However, it’s a full size AVR. I would like to go with something slimmer that can actually fit on the desk. The only requirement that I know I need is a sub out? As I have a Bic F12 I use with my desktop setup.

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You could get an emotiva a100 basx or a topping pa3. Both are great simple amps and fit on a desk. A NAD D3020v2 is also a good amp with a vertical form factor. You would just run the RCAs to the sub for the emotiva and the topping

Edit: the emotiva TA-100 also has a sub out. The ps audio sprout100 is also a great higher end amp with sub out

Right now the RCA goes from the DAC to the Amp. The amp has it’s own sub out. How exactly would you incorporate the sub using rca cables?

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So the rca from the d10 would go to a line input on any of the amps. What amps were you considering? The D3020v2 and Sprout100 have dedicated subwoofer outputs, so you would just connect it to the sub input on your Bic. It should have an input rca under your crossover control on the sub. The a100 basx, ta-100, and pa3 have rca outputs that passes the signal to your sub.

The nad would come with a 3.5 mm to rca, and you would connect the 3.5 mm to the 3.5mm sub out on the nad and connect the left channel rca to your sub.

The Sprout100 and TA-100 could be connected to the sub via a singular rca cable to the subs input from the sub out on the sprout and the mono out on the ta-100.

The pa3 would use a “y subwoofer cable” to connect to your sub.

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Very helpful- the sprout100 sounds interesting

Have a similar setup with KEF Q100 and old aktive JBL Subwoofer coming from SMSL M6 RCA out to Yamaha Surround Reciever > Sub out and speakers out as 2.1 setup
The Yamaha is under the Desk on the downfire Subwoofer - not very elegant and the Yamaha Reciever + M6 have to be sold
Get SMSL SU-8 + THX 789 at the end of September
The SMSL SU-8 XLR >THX 789 and paasthru >Reciever
Later the sprout instead of the Reciever

The picture 2 is older- before KEF Q100 was here
Can I go phono out > Sprout 100? Have some old vinyls

Sorry but what do you want to do? The sprout has a line input and a phono input with a built in preamp. If you were taking a signal from your turntable that had already passed through a phono preamp, I wouldn’t suggest connecting it to the vinyl input on the sprout because you would be running the already preamped signal into another preamp

Yes that is the point.
My phono Player is a longterm borrow from a Friend.
So better find a nice phono(record player) without pre out > Sprout

Yeah if you wanted to use the phono input on the sprout, the signal should not already be passed through a preamp. So you would just look for a standard turntable

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