Amp for kef q350

Speakers come on thursday and im worried my Basx A-100 may not have enough jam to get the job done. Was looking at maybe stepping up to the a-300 or schiit Vidar.


I think it should be just fine if you are going to be using them on a desk. I would just wait and see if it works well. The a300 is a better value then the vidar imo

Looks like I was concerned for no reason. The a 100 seems to have plenty on tap for these speakers.

Yeah, they aren’t really super power hungry speakers. What do you think of the speaker so far?

Really enjoying them. Definitely understand what people mean when they say that the uni Q produces a wall of sound. Only complaint so far is some low notes seemed a bit muddy at high volume. Overall I like them a lot more then the elac b6 these replaced. Kinda hope the low end gets a little better with some break in.

That could happen, you could also move them closer to the wall for more bass

They have more than enough bass honestly. Just lower in the spectrum wasnt as clean as it could be. Think I may have to make a sub enclosure for the room and maybe switch to a mini dsp instead of the El dac to cure it. Either way definitely a nice speaker.

Yeah adding a sub is the simple way to fix that lol. The Q350s really aren’t made to dig that deep. You would just need to get a sub with speaker level inputs