Amp for my new R70X

Hello everyone,

I have been searching the internet for a good AMP for my new Audio technica R70X - 470ohm

I made a mistake of buying a scarlett solo 3rd gen with a behringer HA 400 micro amp don’t get me wrong the headphone sounds fantastic like i have never experienced with my old Logitech G pro-x but i saw some reviews and asked here and there “reddit” they said that the behringer is not good for that headphone and i probably am missing tons of quality sound and i am not utilizing the most of my R70X

So i have narrowed the options to few and if you can suggest better options please feel free to advise me

Here are the options i have at hand right now

1-presonus hp4
2-samson qh4
3-fiio k5 pro
4-schiit magni 3

Thanks for your assistance guys.

Then I would stick with what you have. The options you listed would be side-grades sound-wise. Upgrade when you want to spend around what you spent on the headphones, maybe even more.

R70x are great; huge, immersive sound in a compact and lightweight chassis.

People want to pretend it’s OK to strap LCD Xs to their heads for extended periods because “the headband distributes the weight oh so well”. Give me a break. I want less headband not more. Less headphone, more sound. Good choice.

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The Schiit Magni is a great little amp if you decide you don’t want to wait and save up for something better. I have recommended it to two friends. One is driving a Hifiman Sundara, and the other is driving a pair of HD 6XX headphones. Both of them like the amp. The next big step up from the Magni would be in the $400 to $600 range. If you decide to go for the Magni, Schiit has 7 units of the Magni 3+ on closeout for $79 (at time of post). Schiit Audio: Audio Products Designed and Built in Texas and California

Good luck with your decision, and happy listening.


This is a killer deal for a great amp and it comes with Schiit’s full warranty and everything. I purchased the Magni+ and a Schiit+NITSCH Piety to audition against my Magni 3+ for pairing with my Modi Multibit 2. I resold the Piety because I didn’t enjoy some things about its sound like it’s treble presentation. The Magni+ and Magni 3+ were pretty much indistinguishable to my ears so I kept the 3+ and sold the Magni+ because I could get more money for it. Point being, the 3+ is just as good as Schiit’s latest gen Magni and you can grab it for $79 plus tax and shipping. That’s one helluva deal! :sunglasses:


Take in consideration also the Aune x7s. It Is a class A amp and It pairs well with the r70x. (Love the combo)