Amp for passive 4 ohm speakers

Hi all,

Currently I have a very cheap soundbar hooked up to my television and a girlfriend who really doesn’t see the point in having more than that. My dad has a couple of speakers he is no longer using, so I figured maybe I can find a cheap solution to get those hooked up to the TV. The speakers have an impedance of 4 Ohm so most A/V receivers don’t like it. I was wondering if I can get something like a Topping MX3 and connect that via optical to my TV. Question is, how can I find out if the MX3 (or a similar product like the Loxjie A30) do well at 4 Ohm? I can’t really seem to find it and I don’t know anything about passive speakers.


What brand and model are your speakers and what’s your budget?

Hmm the speakers are Philips ones. not sure about the model. They came with a cd/dvd player and a tube amplifier. Budget is as low as possible since my gf doesn’t want to upgrade at all :stuck_out_tongue:.

What does it say on them? Is there a sensitivity/SPL number given (it would be something like “91db”).

Ah I don’t know, they’re at my parents place. I just figured that since it’s always mentioned on AV receivers that amps like the mx3 would also have this mentioned in one way or another.

Being able to handle 4 ohms is not the problem. The problem is how efficient the speakers are - this dictates how much power you need - and therefore which amps would be appropriate for you.


Good to know, thanks! Next time I’m there I will get the specifications and I will continue this thread, at least now I know a bit what to look for.

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