Amp or Dac for DT 990 pro 250 OHM

Any budget amp or dac for the DT 990s? I found a cheap FiiO A3m for around 30 gbp is it worth it?

I use an fx audio x6 with mine. Very satisfied for what I need. Anymore questions hmu.

How Budget? most nice amp and dacs go for about 200$ 100 for the Amp and 100 for the DAC

The Topping D10 is about 90$ 60$ used. The Magni 3 + is 100$ the Liquid Spark is 100$

If you want something cheaper than that maybe go with IFI or FX or FIIO

Thats looks like a portable DAC/AMP might be a bit limited. but i think it can get the job done if youre not too picky. FIIO is a good company

DT 990 are sharp as hell and need a warm amp that can dial back the treble to keep it from being horribly sibilant. Liquid Spark + Topping D10 would be my recommendation. Magni 3+ is nice but it just doesn’t do right by the high notes of the ethereal dt 990 in my opinion meanwhile the liquid spark really brings out the sound for this headphone. I do not recommend most cheap amps for this headphone due to just how particular that sound signature is. A solid alternative here would be like mentioned FX Audio X6 works decently well or Schiit Fulla. Keep in mind that your 250 ohm dt 990 also sounds different than a 600 ohm dt 990 it’s not as refined and will be sharper

The cheapest I would go for the 990s is the fx audio dac x6

I’m also asking that question. But I have already looked at a few options and came to the conclusion that a good connection between the DT990 PRO:

Audioengine D1
FiiO Q1 Mark 2
Fosi Audio T20

I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’m gonna choose first variant, maybe.

The Q1 mk2 is not enough power to power the 250 ohm 990. If you need to go cheap a fx audio Dac x6 has the power or something like a sound blaster g6 will have abut more power