Amp suggestion for desk setup with diamond 225


I’m in the process of upgrading my ad18 + Wharfedale Diamond 225 desk setup that I use with my computer. The plan is to build a dac, headphones amp and power amp stack that will be able to power 1000€ bookshelves at a later date (I got my eyes on a pair of Focals but not the budget at the moment).

With the purchase of a Motu M2 I now have a not-bad headphone amp and am therefore focused at bettering the speaker amp. Especially since I use the speakers much more than headphones. I’m currently using the Motu M2 as a dac for the ad18 which I think have improved details a bit. I hope to use it as the setups dac for some time.

So I’m wondering if there’s a better amp than the ad18 for my setup?

What I think I want from the amp:

  • A remote - if possible
  • Warm sound - I got the ad18 EQ set to a permanent -1 db treble and +2 db bass
  • Max price around 200€
  • Can be bought in Europe
  • Small - to fit on a 160x80cm desk with the speakers, motu m2, screen, keyboard, mouse… etc
  • Not (necessarily) extremely powerful - I live in a 5x4 m room and will probably continue doing so for 3 more years. And when I move I’m definitely going to upgrade or buy an additional system.

I’d rather not buy SMSL again as I’ve had major problems with it just going silent when sitting down or standing up from the desk. I’d rather not buy chinese to be frank but I know I might not have a choice there.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Edit: Added to the list. Also, anyone know if Project Stereo Box S2 is worth its price?

A Denon Pma 600 or the Pma 800 ne can be it a good Amp,maybe you find one in the after market.

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While I would love something like this in the future. I unfortunately really don’t have the room at the moment. The size constraint is a big problem. I updated the list in my first post with this info.

Thanks anyway.

Might go for
It’s made by a Danish company, small enough to fit under my monitor and seems to have gotten good reviews for its price. Also I can get it from a “local” online store so I don’t have to have amazon or similar ship my order to the other side of the country (happened when I bought the ad18).

Found through this video

I do not know him but Danes do not do anything bad, and it does not have to mean that it is bad because there is no cost.
As long as it covers your needs and harmonizes with the loudspeakers and you are satisfied with it, that’s okay.
You can always buy something better later when you have a better budget and space.