AMP suggestions

Hey kids,

how’ve been doing?

I`ve been away for awhile, haven’t upgrade my amp yet nor got another headphone besides my akg 712pro.

I had a nice budget to buy nice things, but some appliances died at the same time (washer drier and fridge -___- ) and my nice budget got fucked up lol

I’m just looking for an alternative (cheaper) amp, and I’m in doubt about the geshelli archel 2.5 pro, smsl sp 200, schiit asgard 3 and valhalla 2.

Btw, I’m based in the UK

I also got that cool IEM, blon 03, quite the nice IEM, pretty impressed.

So with the headphones you have, my personal preference lies towards the asgard 3 or the archel 2.5 pro, just wondering how much can you get them for over there?

Asgard 3 for £250 and archel 2.5 pro for 170£ (before taxes though), after taxes (20% VAT), around 204£.

what do you have for a DAC?

cambridge audio dacmagic (need to upgrade it later)

well, you could try selling that and add one of the two DAC expansions to the Asgard 3. :wink:

Both are really solid amps, but I would say that the a3 has more weight behind it imo, and also is a bit warmer, and the 2.5 pro is a bit more neutral and a tad more lean. It really depends on what headphones you plan to go after

I really enjoy the idea of having one equipment for each job.
I’ll get a better DAC later on.
It’s just unfortunate that some appliances fucked up my budget lol, but hey, can’t live without a fridge or with an unhappy wife LOL

well, if you got rid of both and started to eat only ichiban, you could get some good gear.


Things will get better after the madness goes away mate

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I DEFINITELY second, third and fourth the Asgard 3!!! Ton of power and I have the multibit dac… Love this amp!

what kind of music do you like to listen to and what headphones do you have on your short list?

Mostly jazz, heavy metal and rock. I do listen to other genres but that’s what I listen on daily basis.
In terms of headphones, denon ahd7200, hifiman sundara, audeze LCD 2 and maybe one of the many focals. It’s late here, I don’t remember my list anymore haha

But in general, I would love to have two different systems, an analytical and balanced one and a warm one, maybe a tube lol.

This grammar auto corrector is killing me! Lol

So in this case, I would say the asgard 3 would be a better pairing with these headphones in the future imo

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Thanks guys, I’ll go with the asgard 3.

Anyway, in an interesting turn of events, the asgard 3 is out of stock as of today LOOOOOOOOL.

I’ll lay low and wait a bit, will see what happens XD

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I was considering getting Asgard 3 but at the end got Arcam rHead as it cheaper then A3 in UK. I got mine for £170 on ebay (brand new). I am using it with Audioquest Drangofly Red and Fostex Tr50p MKIII (slighlty modded) and would say this combo for Jazz and Electronic music is amazing. Not the biggest fan of vocals on Fostex but defineltly worth considering this amp. Not as powefull as A3 but also Class A and build quality is stellar.

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The rHead is a great amp, not sure why they decided to discontinue it, it’s real solid

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Not sure if I show start a new thread, but I’m getting a high pitch interference noise on my blon-03 when I plug it to my amp and I don’t hear the same noise when I plug it directly to my PC.
Could it be a cable fault? I still got some time to buy a new cable or just return the blon iem.

Which amp are you plugging it into?

Loxjie p20 for now.

Btw. I got in touch with schiit and geshelli.
Schiit doesn’t knows when they’ll be able to supply the asgard 3 and geshelli is business as usual, which is quite cool and kinda makes me want to buy the archel 2.5 pro lol


This autocorrector is killing me, jesus