Amp to power DT 880 600ohm

What would be a good amp to power BeyerDynamic Dt880 600ohm, thinking about Schiit Asgard which has 300mW per channel at 600ohms, is that enough to drive them well?

The asgard 3 drives them pretty dang well for the price imo, should be solid

Thanks I was just making sure because saw a video about how hard they were to drive by Z reviews

emotiva basx has been serving me very well

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The basx drives it decently well but imo can be a bit more sloppy and not as refined as the asgard with the 880

It’s kinda been greatly overinflated, while they are demanding compared to other headphones, they really don’t need as much as claimed to preform well, they just need quality amplification with a decent amount of power

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Sounds good, thanks for the help

some will claim you dont actually need a powerful amp (a liquid spark working just fine) and that its all about output impedance

Yep ^ started with powering my dt 990 600 ohm with the spark and it can run the T1 600 ohm as well as DT 880 600 ohm. Granted I like the sound from the asgard quite a bit more.

I’ve been using a $62 Loxjie A10 amp to power my DT880s. If you can stand the slight hiss and keep the dial at the 9:00 position, it really produces great sound: detailed highs, amazing female vocals, and accurate bass. I’ve tried using my JDS Atom and the sound is flabby and dull in comparison.

i also use eq on mine and knock it down -11 db so theres some extra power needed. stock, yes you can run it off a topping dx3 but with eq applied its pushing the limits quite a bit

My Zen drives them fine with power match on.

Anyone here tried using a darkvoice tube amp with the 880 600 ohm?

It’s a pretty good match with the darkvoice if you want to give it more body and warmth, also relax it a bit, although you loose a bit of refinement and technicalities in the process (but it’s not like super detrimental)

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I hope you’re talking about the Zen Can. Because the normal Zen DAC definitely won’t power DT880s properly. I know because I own both.

the amp designed by the byerdynamics them self to drive dt880 600ohm have around 100 mw power.
the reason is it has high impedance output
around 100 ohm .
which decreases the current …
hence increasing the voltage
to reach good listening levels.
the idea is …
why not using impedance plugs
on our amplifiers
to increase thier output impedance ??

Fwiw, I love my 880/600. The Asgard did a good job powering it, but I found
I liked a bit of lower end eq to fill it out. I now also have a Lake People G111 OG
and it’s 600 mw of power really woke up the 880s…much better bass and a
generally fuller sound which no longer needs eq for my taste. Properly powered I feel the 880/600, for its price, is indeed a hidden gem for those of us who love DETAIL, clean bass, a decent soundstage and good separation of instruments.
PS the G111 makes my Sundaras better as well. As good as the Asgard is (and
I plan to keep mine) the G111 is an across the board step up.

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