Amplifier + Dac stack or combo for DT770Pro

Hi there,

I am currently running a DT770 Pro (80ohm) with a Fiio K3. Use-case is both, gaming (not too serious) and music vis steaming and local files. I can think about buying other headphones, but lets focus on the DT770 for the moment.

Do you think it is worth, looking into other AMP+DAC combos or even separate devices? What I don’t like about the Fiio K3 is its size. It is so small, that I had issues using the volume nob without moving the unit. I ended up mounting the Fiio under my desktop. Secondly I have to remove my headphones when I want to listen to music via my active speakers. They are also hooked up to the Fiio and can be muted when I want to use the headphones.

I looked into Schiit devices (Magni, Mani, Asgard), but availability in Germany (europe in general atm) is null. Topping E30 / A30 / D50 / A50 - but only the D50 DAC is available in Germany, the rest needs to be imported from china. All in all I would love to stick to devices that can be purchased in Europe to enhance service and handle returns better. SMLS seems to be available in Europe / Germany.

Lake People G103-S seems to be an option, not a beauty, but thats fine. I love the look of the Klipsch Heritage Headphone AMP, but thats too expensive for the moment.

Budget is floating, but lets keep it below 500€ == 500$ for a stack / combo.

Get another pair of headphones for 500 dollar it will be a better sound quality gain then a dac amp