Amplifier for Ohm Walsh 1000

Hi, which amplifier should I get for my Ohm Walsh 1000?

Currently I have a Bluesound Node 2i. I don’t have a dedicated DAC yet, but I am looking to upgrade the one from the Bluesound Node 2i.

Thanks in advance for any replies, and ask if you need any other info :slight_smile:

Based on a bit of reading and the specs of these speakers, 6 ohm, 88db.

Not knowing your budget or expectations i would start on the budget end with both power and Dac performance.

Under $1K and you have a complete set-up minus a subwoofer which can easily be integrated with this kit.
From here on you can drop as much more money as you like, but this would give your flexibility, has re-sell value and let you familiarize yourself with your equipment your preferences and your room. YMMV, good luck.

Thank you for your reply!

Would a 300 dollar dac really outperform my Bluesound Node 2i, though?

The A-300 looks really interesting though. How is it in terms of sound?

I’ve been suggested a ROTEL RB 1582 MK2, PARASOUND HALO A23+, NAD C388 or NAD C368 from the local shop. But I don’t know if I need a dac in addition to this, if I should play it though my Bluesound Node 2i etc.

Are you familiar with any of these?

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The a 300 is pretty nice. Good power delivery and solid performance. Just would need a preamp

Also imo the bluesound would outperform the pt-100s dac

Out of what you mentioned, I would go with the nad amps if you like a more analytical sound, parasound for a more warm and enjoyable sound, and the emotiva and rotel for a more balanced sound

If your source is going to need a streamer then you should wait till after you have tried and used the node 2 for a while before upgrading or changing around. I know the emotiva sound but honestlyndon’t know the ohm walsh besides what i have read about them. I know Zeos uses his with an amp that is not audiophile rated and seems very happy with the sound. Watch his review again and see what you think. I happen to like the Emotiva sound signature, but that is all personal preference. You have a good speaker and it should play well with a variety of good to better gear. That amp i linked will meet the spec requirements and give you some headroom too. All ;the pieces you referenced should provide a good mating, up to you and your budget next tho. Don’t replace the Dac till you have at least tried it tho.

Honestly the crown amps are fine, but imo he could be getting more with a better amp, but that’s just me

I blindly trust you M0N :smiley: I have ordered the Parasound Halo A23+ just now. I can’t wait for it to arrive, after the struggles I’ve had with my local Adcom dealer.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Uhhhhh ok. I just hope you did some research first at least, as it’s a big purchase

I wonder what’s going on with your adcom dealer, those are solid amps, so I wonder if they are having issues with them

I don’t know what more research I could’ve done. I’ve gotten it suggested from the local dealer, based on my speakers and music/sound preference. I’ve had it OK’d by someone’s opinions I trust on a forum. Good enough for me. So blindly wasn’t 100% true :smiley:

The Adcom dealer doesn’t seem serious at all. He should respect my wish to get my money back after waiting for 2 months longer than the original delivery - which was 6 weeks.

I contacted Adcom directly, they said they hadn’t received an order from their dealer. So I don’t know. I’m treating it as a scam and taking due action with the instances that can help me. Such a shame.

How are the Adcom speakers sound wise by the way? Neutral and analytical, or warm?

Just checking lol, wanted to make sure :wink:

That dealer seems very sketchy, so it’s good that you didn’t get scammed

Adcom has powerful, bang for the buck amps that are great, and the newer gear aims for transparency I think. The older adcoms are a bit warmer imo

I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I did get scammed, it looks like, because I haven’t gotten my product and he’s refusing to return the money. But hopefully we can sort that out eventually.

But on a more interesting note, is there a difference between an amplifier’s sound and, say, equalizing the sound?

You might want to start to pressure him, because the longer you sit on it the less likely you might get that back. If it gets bad you might want to consider mediation or arbitration to try and get it back

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