Amps, DACs, I can’t figure this out. Help a newbie!

First and foremost, I am a complete newbie, a total beginner, an absolute “know nothing”, if you will. Last week I decided I wanted to get speakers for my Late 2015 27” iMac instead of just listening to the internal speakers or with my Sennheiser HD 600 headphones.

I did my research on speakers, passive vs. active and after a few days of searching around I really fell in love with the look of the Jamo C93 II White bookshelf speakers. Yesterday I found them for a good deal on eBay and purchased them. They’ll be here in a couple of days.

Further research has led me to understand that these need an amp. 3,000 recommendations later and I still don’t know what I want. I was leaning toward an Emotiva BasX A-100 but then someone told me I need to pair that with a DAC and my head is just about ready to explode. Now I gotta find a DAC! Next thing is cables, right!? And I have no idea where to begin with that either!

I’m looking for a community who will be kind enough to simplify this process for me. I want something solid, exceptionally solid for its price but something that doesn’t break the bank. Whatever it is I buy, I’d also like to use my HD 600 headphones with it. Would be a plus if I could also hook my turntable up to it too, but not a dealbreaker.

Would some kind soul be willing to break down this process for me? Please recommend me an amp, DAC and whatever cables I’m going to need to hook this all up to my iMac.

Someone who feels way in over his head.

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