And so it begins


goodluck !

Do you know how to tell apart silver wire and solder?
Grab wire in question with fingers, then hold soldering iron to the wire.
Fingers burnt? → Silver wire

Also: Flux helps a lot with getting good joints.



attempt number 1 lol not sure i like how much you can see the set screws still though. i think i might grind em down with the dremel on the next cable. or i might skip the set screw all together and do 100% solder joint. i like the combo of solder and set screw though, i feel like i can use the cable as a rope and be fine lol


Honestly If I could make anything that visually looks half as nice as that I’d be a happier man. Love the Pattern btw, looks really professional especially with the heat shrink.

Also I feel ya, I like my things to be sturdy even if they do have a few visual bumps/oopsies. A code I like to follow is to make sure that a mechanical bond is formed and that I can’t break that bond even with extra force. That way I know that after the solder is allowed to flow and fuse the joint, there is no way that joint is going to move. In some cases some joints can carry the weight of the entire amp (although I’d rather not put TOO much weight on the joint, whatever’s connected to it might break first funny enough).

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