Android compatibility?

My query is not related to dacs, more of a question of compatibility.
Do all the android devices support external dacs ( dongles, flask shaped dacs etc) out of the box? My phone has both USB-C and 3.5mm jack and it’s running Android 10. I’m considering buying a dongle but wanted to make sure that it will work.

I just got one recently for my LG G5 to the e30 dac and it works fine. However the dac screen shows everything as 192, which is the max capability of the phone. That may be due to the dac, but no problem with the audio itself, which is much better than just using the headphone jack to amp directly. :slightly_smiling_face:

So the USB audio output is limited to what my phone can decode?

Android caps their output at 48KHz unless you root the phone/tablet. What @TimpTim44 describes is something I have seen too. When I’ve plugged my phone into my Fiio K3 the phone has told me the output is experimental. It locked at 192KHz output regardless of filetype.


You can use bit perfectly via the USB audio player pro App and thus bypass the entire Android audio. Then the data comes to the DAC without any compression. It should also be noted that the smartphone must support USB OTG. Otherwise you cannot connect any DACs.
List of supported DAC

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Does using bit perfect mode possible needs rooting? I just checked, my device supports USB host. Actually I’m using Realme 5 pro and thinking of getting the E1Da 9038s Gen 3.

No, can be activated in the app settings.

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