Android DAP rec

Hi, I’m new to the DAP market, any recommendations?

I’m mostly looking for a Mid-Range Android DAP that bypasses android SRC so I’m not limited to Apps like UAPP, Neutron… e.t.c. and can freely use any App like Apple Music, Spotify… not needing to worry about bitperfect signal.

I also think a DAP might be a nice clean source to some of my portable DACs since with my phone, I can sometimes here some noise/interference that gets worse when I get a call.

Currently, I’m looking at the DX170 which looks nice to me but I’m open to suggestions.

I remember reading a review of HiBy RS8 and there was a mention of lossless output support to USB

Do Mid-Fi DAPs only bypass SRC when using their own inbuilt Headphone Outputs? or do they also send the right sample rate when a DAC is connected to them without the need of UAPP?

My main use case would be using Apple Music with offline downloads, occational YouTube (for Music discovery), browsing and playback of my NAS storage.

I think most pass lossless through usb also

you could check out the new Hiby R6 Gen 3 thats coming out. Seems like a pretty nice package for $500, especially if you dont need massive power

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Yes, just recently saw that in the rumors and new releases thread. It’s nice that it isn’t too expensive. So currently, I’m liking the DX170 & the R6 Gen III

iBasso DX170: I like for overall looks and sound, the only con I could find was slightly sluggish UI for some users.

HiBy R6 Gen III: No way to tell how the R6 III sounds but I’m liking the Class A Amp, new OS (Android 12). I don’t like the maximum power output (~400 mW) which seems a bit low and 720p screen.