Animated Music Videos

Is there any other fans of Metalocalypse? Well here’s a fan made music vid for ‘Awaken’. This is one of my favorites things ever on Youtube LOL.

And there’s two others as well
BATMETAL 2. This one’s also glorious

And by the same creators, we have this glorious Overwatch themed video. Both the video and song are really something else lol

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Im sorry, that was a fantastic series
That overwatch video… WTF

" Animated Music Videos"
first thing popped in mind -> the batman with nut sack!!

Yeah man. That video needed to be shared somewhere on this forum lol

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Like the title suggests, this one’s got a cyberpunk noir aesthetic going on. I’ve always liked the art direction they took with it. I believe this band, Reminor is Russian.

Holy shite. They also finally finished the indie animation they’ve been working on for the past 7 years. It’s rough in a lot of ways. But I love the art and concept.

Not the original music video for the song, but one of my favourite animations of all times.

Beautifully made.

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Gorillaz, they got many animated videos.

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Everything they have is animated, to be fair

Not fully drawn/animated might be thing i meant by “many”…

very styylized not fully animated

23 minutes of animated music video goodness

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The bulk of Daft Punk music videos and this little gem (though also not fully animated)


something about old school animation and horrorcore hip hop

I know this osng is a meme but for those who havent actually listened to the song or watched the music video is quite a treat

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Holy crap. That video’s now in 4k? I had forgot about how Youtube started going back and updating old music videos to a better quality.

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I know the songs for Batmetal 1 and 2 are both on here, but I dont know about Batmetal Forever